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Branch & ATM Security

New Branch Safety & Security Policy

Navy Federal values and respects its members. To ensure the safety and security of everyone who visits branch offices, we have worked with the law enforcement community to implement a "No hats, hoods, and/or sunglasses" policy so that branch team members can positively identify everyone they serve. Branch team members will ask anyone who enters a branch office wearing these items to remove them for their safety and for the safety of our branch teams. Exceptions to this policy may be approved to accommodate cultural, religious, or medical reasons.

This policy is designed to protect Navy Federal members, team members, and assets. Law enforcement officials confirm that a "No hats, hoods, and/or sunglasses" policy is a deterrent to criminals who intend to rob financial institutions. It also helps prevent fraud and identity theft. Removing hats, hoods, and/or sunglasses makes every person's facial features visible to branch team members and surveillance cameras, thereby assisting law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend criminals. We thank everyone, who visits our branch offices, for complying with this new policy.

ATM Security: Take care of yourself while enjoying ATM convenience

Lost or Stolen Cards

Navy Federal credit and debit cards.

Please report lost or stolen cards immediately (24-hour service), call 1-888-842-6328 or call collect
internationally 1-703-255-8837(or visit your local branch).

Protect Yourself from ATM Skimming

ATM skimming is when someone steals your information by attaching a magnetic strip called a card "skimmer" over the slot where you insert your ATM card. With your information, the person can recreate your card and drain your account. There are some simple things you can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. The FBI provides information about how you can protect yourself.

Security Tips

The Basics:

  • Immediately report all crimes to the automated teller machine operator/owner and to the local law enforcement officials.
  • Protect your PIN; memorize it and do not write it down on anything you carry with you, (especially on your Visa® Check Card or your Navy Federal CUCARD®).
  • Do not allow others to use your cards (or know your PIN).
  • Take someone with you if you must make a transaction at night.
  • Trust your instincts whenever using an ATM; if you sense something is wrong, leave the area immediately.

Walk-up ATMs:

  • Have your debit/ATM card ready when you approach the ATM. Once you have completed a transaction, leave the ATM site (avoid publicly counting cash that you have withdrawn; count your money when you are safely away from the ATM area).
  • Stand directly in front to shield the display screen, keypads, and transaction information from the view of others.
  • If someone is attempting to view your transaction, hit cancel and leave.
  • Do not use an ATM if the lights are out or you see suspicious activity.

Drive-up ATMs:

  • Keep your car doors locked, other windows closed, and the engine running.


  • There are no fees for members who use their Navy Federal cards at Navy Federal ATMs, CO-OP Network®, MoneyPass®, Walgreens (in California), and CashPoints® ATMs.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover transactions and any related fees.
  • Please do not deposit coins into any ATM. Deposits can only be made at Navy Federal Credit Union-owned ATMs and select participating network ATMs. Some financial institutions in the PLUS® System network may charge an additional "convenience fee" for using their ATMs. Please note: there are daily ATM cash limits.
  • You cannot transfer funds to another member's account (including family members) via an ATM.
  • Be sure to take your card and receipt with you at the end of your transaction.
  • Keep receipts and monitor transactions on your account (via Navy Federal Online® and/or your monthly statements).
  • Mortgages5/5 ARM as low as+
  • Auto Loansas low as+
  • Certificatesas high as
  • Checkingas high as
  • Credit Cardsas low as++
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