Trust Administration

Selecting a competent and prudent trustee is the cornerstone of a successful estate plan. Your trustee will not only comply with your wishes, but also manage the assets of your trust.

The Basics

A trustee is someone you can appoint to manage your financial affairs if you're unable to do so. The trustee is responsible for using the trust property for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries according to the terms of the trust document. If those duties are breached, the trustee can be held personally liable.

Choosing a Trustee

You can select an individual or multiple trustee(s). To get started, we recommend that you draft a list of goals and needs.

Here are desirable trustee traits to assist with your selection:

  • Willing to serve
  • Dutiful with contract administration
  • Experienced at investing
  • Detailed and organized at record-keeping
  • Informed and comfortable around beneficiaries
  • Sensitive during trying times
  • Flexible around changing needs

Establish comprehensive protection and peace of mind for your family by naming MEMBERS Trust Company as your trustee.

MEMBERS Trust Company as Your Trustee

Owned by America's Credit Unions, MEMBERS Trust Company is a great choice for trustees or their agents.

Since 1987, we've provided personal trust services to members for the following types of trusts:

  • Revocable living trust: to avoid probate and ensure continual investment management
  • Special needs trust: to protect the public benefits of a beneficiary with special circumstances
  • Spendthrift trusts: to protect a beneficiary who hasn't exhibited fiscal responsibility
  • Charitable trust: to promote or donate to a personal cause
  • Educational trusts: to ensure funds for educating children or grandchildren
  • IRA beneficiary trust: to protect the assets in an IRA for a beneficiary
  • Marital and credit shelter trust: to minimize or avoid federal estate taxes
  • Pro set aside trust: to designate and protect assets for professional athletes

Plan and prepare for the future.

Call 1-855-358-7878, email or visit Members Trust Company for assistance.

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