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Getting Ready for College
Tools to help you save for college and help your child
manage money.

One of the major financial responsibilities you face as a parent is paying for your child's college education. Whether they follow in your footsteps and attend
your alma mater or venture out on their own, make a plan and take action now to save for the day they embark on their collegiate adventure.

Paying for College

It's never too soon to start preparing for future education expenses. Make saving for college a priority early on to ensure your child is able to obtain their
education goals. Navy Federal offers what you need to make that possible.


Start your savings with a basic account.

Money Market
Earn more with no term restrictions.

Custodial Accounts
Administer gift money with potential tax savings.

Education Savings Account
Get tax-free earnings for education expenses.

Put interest to work for you with a certificate.


Navy Federal Student Loans
Finance your education with a Navy Federal Student Loan when grants, scholarships and Federal Education Loans don't fully cover college expenses.

Navy Federal Student Refinance Loans
Combine outstanding Federal and Navy Federal Student Loans from other lenders into a single loan with Navy Federal and save yourself time and money.



College Savings Calculator
Estimate how much you'll need to meet your long-term goal.

Student Budget Calculator
Analyze the expenses and annual budget for a full-time student.

College Central
Determine your educational savings goals and see what you need to achieve them.

Send Us to College with Your Student

The perfect account for students to stash their cash, Campus Checking offers access to over 55,000 free ATMs and provides ATM fee rebates of up to $10 per month for any fees you're charged from out-of-network ATMs. Other features include dividend earnings, no monthly service fee, a free Navy Federal Debit Card, online Account Access and Checking Protection options.

Get yourself or your student the solution for larger expenses—like textbooks or a laptop—and make purchasing easier and more rewarding. With an nRewards Secured Card, designate a specific amount from savings to set a limit and start building credit. Plus, earn one point per $1 spent. Or, with cashRewards, get 1.5% cash back on purchases.

Manage and monitor your student's spending with a Visa Buxx Card. Convenient and secure, this reloadable prepaid debit card helps you and your student easily track spending and stay on budget together. They spend only what you've loaded onto the card.

No matter how far from home your student is, they can stay on top of their account anywhere, anytime with Mobile Banking. Using their mobile device, they can view balances, transfer money, pay bills and more—all while on the go. Sign up for Mobile Banking through Account Access.

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