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Managing Your Money

Renovate or Sell Your Home? How to Decide

June 15, 2016

The lure of a new home may be strong, but sometimes it makes more sense to fix it up and stay put.

Buying When You're Selling a Home: The Pros and Cons

June 14, 2016

Before selling your current home and buying a new home simultaneously, weigh the pros and cons.

6 Benefits of Using a Credit Card

June 8, 2016

Gain a better understanding of how credit cards work in your favor and begin reaping their benefits today.

From Serving to Studying: Veterans' Education Benefits

June 1, 2016

Get tips on how to make the most of education benefits for veterans.

Should You Buy Your Leased Car?

May 26, 2016

Consider the financial implications when your car lease is up.

Is Home Price or Interest Rate More Important?

May 21, 2016

Which situation is better for homebuyers: rising prices and low interest rates, or vice versa?

5 Home Improvements that Pay You Back

May 17, 2016

Consider how remodeling projects may affect your home's resale value.

How to Prepare for Your First Motorcycle

May 16, 2016

From gear to training, there is more to buying a first motorcycle than signing on the dotted line.

4 Ways to Shield Your Credit from Missed Payments

May 14, 2016

Use these options to protect your credit from the potential storm caused by missed payments.

Our Top Five Reasons to #JointheFamily

May 13, 2016

We love having a big family. Here are a few good reasons for you to love the Navy Federal family, too.

6 Vacation Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

May 10, 2016

Plan a family vacation without overspending.

Take Charge of College Expenses

May 6, 2016

Use these tips to help your college student budget for unanticipated costs.

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