Financial Readiness

Basic Training

Start building a solid foundation for a successful financial future

Navy Federal Credit Union is proud to serve our military members. That dedication extends beyond our financial product offerings to providing the resources you need to boost your financial literacy. With a strong foundation of financial knowledge, you can better build a successful future for yourself. Start increasing your knowledge base with our helpful resources.

Advice & Planning

  • Creating a Budget: A bit of patience and careful planning goes a long way toward helping you save. The better you budget, the better off you'll be.
  • Building Emergency Savings: We all hope for the best, but do you have a plan for the worst? Learn how to build an emergency fund for the unexpected.
  • Credit Cards 101: Get the information you need to choose the best credit card for you and be able to manage it successfully.
  • Credit Cards and Loans: Understanding the basics of credit cards and loans can help you manage both responsibly and avoid debt while improving your credit score.
  • Credit and Debt Management: Building good credit is an essential part of personal finance. Know your credit history and score, and then start making gains.
  • Avoiding Payday Loans:Don't let yourself be tempted by payday loans. While convenient, these loans are often far more costly than you may realize.
  • Navigating the VA Loan Process: Have you considered the advantages of a VA mortgage? Learn how to buy with no money down.
  • Saving for Retirement: Being a servicemember affords you special retirement savings opportunities and tax breaks. Take advantage now—here's how.

Visit Managing Your Money for more advice to help you manage your personal finances.

How Military Service Strengthens Your Financial Fitness

The military teaches discipline and instills a strong work ethic. Apply these skills to get control of your finances.

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Recruiter Resource

To schedule a presentation at your recruiting station or ROTC office, contact us by email or visit your local branch.


Savings as high as 1.35% APY

Auto Loans as low as+ 2.99% APR

Certificates as high as 3.50% APY

Credit Cards as low as++ 8.24% APR

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