Paying for College

Here's a variety of resources to help you prepare and pay for college. Check them out.

Savings Products

A good savings option if you're just getting started.

Money Market
Earns you more than a savings account, and there are no term restrictions.

Custodial Accounts
Lets you administer gift money to a minor with potential tax savings.

Education Savings Account
Earnings are tax-free if used for education expenses.


SaveFirst Account
Lets you save for college with just a $5 deposit, and you can also choose your own maturity date.

EasyStartSM Certificate
Only $100 to start and accepts additional deposits to increase your savings.

Variable Rate
New rate will never fall more than ½ percentage point below the initial rate. Has no upper limit.

Standard Certificates
Certificates can earn dividends at higher rates than savings accounts and have pre-determined maturity dates.