Navy Federal Credit Union
Navy Federal Credit Union

What are you worth

1. Assets
Stocks and stock funds: $
Bonds and bond funds: $
Cash (Savings accounts, CDs, money-market funds): $
Retirement accounts (401(k), IRAs, SEPs): $
Variable annuities: $
Value of primary residence: $
Vacation property/second home: $
Art, collectibles, jewelry, furnishings: $
Other: $
Total assets: $
2. Debts
Mortgage(s): $
Home equity loans: $
Student loans: $
Credit cards: $
Other: $
Total debts: $
What's my net worth?

How Do You Compare?

Breakdown of households by net worth:

Pie Chart
  • Mortgages5/5 ARM as low as+
  • Auto Loansas low as+
  • Certificatesas high as
  • Checkingas high as
  • Credit Cardsas low as++
  • More Rates