Saving doesn’t have to feel like scrimping, and these quick tips to cut out a few small expenses can add up quickly.

1. Skip the Morning Latte…Except on Fridays  

Stopping by the coffee shop for your morning pick-me-up may seem like a small perk, but if you’re paying $41 a day every weekday, this habit adds up to over $1,000 a year. Brew at home and make the coffee shop a special once-a-week treat.

Monthly savings: $64
Savings over one year: $768

2. Eat Out One Less Night per Week

A family of four can easily spend $50 for dinner at a local chain restaurant. If you can make dinner at home for $10, skipping the restaurant one time per week could put $40 back in your pocket.

Monthly savings: $160 ($40 in savings x 4 weeks/month)
Savings over one year: $1,920

3. Hit the Library Instead of the Bookstore

Your local library likely contains thousands of books you’ve never read, including some newer releases and eBooks. Buying just one less $15 paperback book2 per month adds up to $180 saved per year.

Monthly savings: $15
Savings over one year: $180

4. Take Your Lunch to Work Three Days per Week

If you spend $11 a day on a restaurant meal at lunch, and you can bring your own lunch for around $6 a day, you could save $5 a day just by brown-bagging it. Commit to bringing your own lunch just 3 times per week and you could save more than $72 per month ($6/day in savings x 3 days/week x 4 weeks/month)!

Monthly savings: $72
Savings over one year: $864

5. Ditch the Landline

If you spend $20 or more per month on a landline, yet you primarily use your cell phone to stay connected, this is another area ripe for cost savings. Consider the importance of having your own landline in a world of cell phones and inexpensive Internet phone programs.

Possible monthly savings: $20
Savings over one year: $240

6. Bottle Your Own Water

Buying water for regular use is wasteful—both to your budget and the Earth! Even assuming you buy just one gallon per day (average cost $1.203)—and you should be drinking more water—that is still over $400 per year. Instead, invest in a reusable bottle and water filter if you prefer the taste of filtered water.

Monthly savings: $36 ($1.20 cost of one day’s bottled water x 30 days in average month)
Savings over one year: $432

7. Watch Must-See Movies in the Theater During Matinee Hours

Hitting a matinee for must-see movies often saves $3 or more over the cost of a full-price ticket. If you see two movies per month, this adds up to $72 worth of savings in a year. Plus, there is typically less competition for seats!

Monthly savings: $6
Savings over one year: $72

8. Stick to Water at Restaurants

There is nothing wrong with eating out occasionally, especially when you save money by forgoing big markups on drinks. If a soda is $2, a family of 4 can spend $8 in soda alone. Buying sodas with your restaurant meals just twice per month adds up to nearly $200 per year in beverages alone ($8 cost of soda x 2 times/month x 12 months/year = $192). Plus, water is a healthier option than most drinks you’re likely to find!

Monthly savings: $16
Savings over one year: $192

9. Wash Your Own Car  

Instead of driving to a car wash that charges $15 for a monthly wash, spend a little time outside on the next nice day and do the scrubbing yourself.

Monthly savings: $15
Savings over one year: $180

10. Swap Babysitting Duties with Neighbors

Even with a good rate on a babysitter—say $10 per hour—4 hours of alone time with your significant other costs $40—and that is before the price of dinner and a movie. Think about making a deal with a trusted neighbor to swap watching each other’s kids to give everyone some kid-free time just once a month for less.

Monthly savings: $40
Savings over one year: $480

1According to, the average cost of a venti latte at Starbucks® is $4.15. This cost varies slightly across the U.S. Cost has been rounded to $4 for illustration purposes. 2Source: School Library Journal. Average price of a fiction trade paperback in 2014 was $15.52. Cost has been rounded to $15 for illustration purposes. 3Source: International Bottled Water Association.