Plan ahead for the good life—create a savings account that can support the unexpected, or your next vacation. You’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing you’ve planned for the things that mean a lot. Here are cost-saving suggestions that can give you extra funds to put toward your goals.

  1. Eat Out Less
    Dinner at a local chain restaurant can easily cost $15 and up per person. Skipping dinner out once a week could put $780 or more back in your pocket. Bonus points for planning your dinners in advance and using the same ingredients in more than one dish!
  2. Shop Generic Products
    Taste test a few generic products to see for yourself. Whether it’s your favorite cereal or dishwashing soap, there’s a gap in the cost of brand versus generic products. This is your opportunity to seize the savings! Start today by comparing some favorites with off-brand items that meet your standards for quality and price.
  3. Cancel Unneccesary Subscriptions
    Do you have recurring costs for products and services not being used? This is a good place to look for extra money to sock away into savings. Go through your checking account with an eagle eye to find subscriptions you may have forgotten. Chances are you’ll find at least 1 or 2 you can cancel and redirect that money to savings.
  4. Try New Commuting Options
    Carpooling is a great way to save. Take a moment to find coworkers who travel the same route to work. Sharing the cost of gas and tolls creates savings that add up quickly. If carpooling isn’t an option, take the bus or a train to reduce the cost of commuting. Check out other ride-share options posted at work—it’s well worth it to save more.
  5. Bottle Your Own Water
    Do your wallet and the environment a favor. Switch from bottled water to a reusable, refillable bottle. Just filling your bottle up regularly can save $460 or more a year. Don’t like the taste of tap water? Buy a water filter, and you’ll save lots in the long run!
  6. Save on the Latest Movies
    You don’t have to pay full price to see a movie. You can always borrow a movie from the library, or save some money by streaming online. If the big screen is your thing, check out a matinee instead of prime time—and save a few bucks. The savings can add up to more than $90 in a year. Some movie theaters offer additional savings on certain days or for joining its mailing list or membership club online.
  7. Skip the Morning Latte … Except on Fridays
    Jogging to the coffee shop for your morning pick-me-up may seem like a small perk, but if you’re paying $4 or more a day every weekday, this habit quickly adds up! Brew at home and make the coffee shop a special once-a-week treat.

Learn more about saving for short- or long-term goals, and save more with some of these tips. Remember—little things do add up over the course of a year. Open a Navy Federal Credit Union savings account today—enjoy the benefits of smart planning.