Tens of millions of subscribers pay for online services like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime on a monthly or yearly basis. But if you’re subscribed to more than one of these services, you may have realized how quickly they can all chip away at your budget. Here are a few ways you may be able to save on these services.

Split the Payment With Friends or Family

Many popular services offer family plans that are meant to be shared with multiple people. These family plans cost more than basic, individual accounts, but after splitting the payment between other users, you end up spending less overall. Sometimes these plans meant for multiple users even give you extra features—for example, Netflix’s tiers meant for multiple screens also offer HD and UHD streaming, neither of which are available in the lowest tier.

Seek Out Student or Military Discounts

You can get the same or similar service while paying a whole lot less, so long as you’re in college or the military. Services such as Spotify and Amazon Prime offer 50 percent off their subscription price if you’re a college student, while others like the music-streaming service Tidal offer military members a discount.

Find Free Alternatives

Do you need to pay for that ad-free Spotify subscription, or can you use the free version that comes with ads instead? Could you rely on YouTube and basic channels for your video entertainment needs instead of paying for Netflix and Hulu? Are you currently subscribed to a premium fitness app when you could use a free or one-time payment equivalent? There are plenty of ways to get services for free if you’re willing to miss out on some perks.

You can get the same or similar service while paying a whole lot less, so long as you're in college or the military.

Cancel Redundant Services

You may have some overlap between your services. For example, you may pay for Amazon Prime for their two-day shipping benefit, but you also get Prime Video streaming included with your subscription. You may find that having Prime Video in addition to Netflix, Hulu and/or cable TV is redundant for your needs and that you could unsubscribe from the latter. Compare all the services you pay for and see if you’re paying for more than you really need.

Subscribe Only When You Need It

There are some services you might only need for part of the year. For example, maybe you only watch one show on a particular streaming service. Instead of paying for a subscription you’re hardly using all year round, you could re-subscribe whenever a new season is released and unsubscribe once you catch up.

Track How Much You Save

Once you start swapping out and canceling your subscriptions, you can stay up to date on how your changes are impacting your bottom line 24/7 with Navy Federal’s digital banking tools.*

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