When moving, many people seem to choose the do-it-yourself approach of packing their belongings into a few cars and a rental truck over hiring a professional moving crew. But is a DIY move right for you? It can depend on a few factors. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of a DIY move compared to moving with the help of professionals:


Pros: Moving everything yourself is more cost effective than hiring a moving company, especially if you don’t have a lot to move and use your own car—you may even receive a tax benefit. Some moves qualify for deductions on fuel and other vehicle expenses directly attributable to the move. Visit the Internal Revenue Service’s website and check out Guide to IRS Form 3903: Moving Expenses for the latest information regarding deductible moving expenses.

Cons: After adding up the miscellaneous costs of your DIY move, you may not save as much as you thought. Consider these factors in advance:

  • Rental and insurance charges for trucks and trailers
  • Risk of loss over and above your own insurance coverage, including deductible
  • Fuel costs
  • Costs of shipping your personal vehicles if you drive a rented truck
  • Costs of packing materials
  • Lost wages and leave time packing and driving


Pros: By moving yourself, you control the timeline and schedule, allowing for a more flexible experience. No need to worry about the movers’ availability and possible fees for changes.

Cons: An experienced moving crew can guarantee your transition is seamless and timely, ensuring all your belongings arrive on time and intact.


Pros: Moving yourself means the job is all under your control, particularly when it comes to moving valuables (think family heirlooms or antiques)—you’ll have peace of mind.

Cons: Although it may be obvious, it’s worth a reminder just how convenient it can be to have a moving company handle everything. It means no sweating or possible injuries as you move items. You won’t have to drive a truck that may be three times as big as your usual vehicle. You’ll likely reduce the risk of damage to your furniture. And, if you have small children, you can keep an eye on them rather than alternate between baby-sitting and moving.

Not Fully Sold on DIY or Professionals?

Your options aren’t only to do it yourself or hire pros. It’s becoming increasingly popular for movers to rent a portable container. With a container, you can pack it at your convenience and schedule pickup and drop-off at your discretion. It’s like the best of both worlds! Thinking through the pros and cons of all your options can help you choose the moving experience that’s best for you.

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