Tips Before the Move

Moving to a new home in a brand-new city can be exciting, but the logistics and expenses can be daunting. Fortunately, there are ways to get through a move—even a long-distance one—without losing your sanity.

Scout the Area

Spend as much time as you can in the new area before your move. Bring a list of things you need to find soon after moving, such as schools, health clinics and grocery stores. Locating these services before you move can help reduce some stress. Our real estate assistance program can help you find information about your new community.

Allow Time to Fix Up Your New House

If the house needs any sprucing up, you might want to plan your moving date around the renovation schedule. Arrange to have painting, carpeting and other work done before you move in, and make sure the utilities are working.

Make the Move Itself Cost Effective

Generally, the most affordable way to move your stuff is to rent a moving van and recruit a few friends to help with the heavy lifting. But if you’re moving far away—and have a lot of stuff—it may be best to hire a moving company.

Get estimates from several movers. Ask if there’s a lower rate for moving during the week instead of weekends. Movers frequently offer discounts, so check online for coupons. You can also find discounts through our real estate assistance program.

If you’re moving cross-country, be aware that a moving van will often take longer to get to your new home than you will. Your moving company will give you a window of delivery dates—be ready by the first date provided.

Prepare for Hiccups

You should have a contingency plan in case the truck’s arrival is delayed. Bring clothes for a few days and budget for hotel rooms and meals away from home. Another option is to bring air mattresses so you can sleep in your new home until the furniture arrives.

Pack a “First-Day Box”

That first day in your new home, you might feel a little overwhelmed surrounded by countless boxes that need to be unpacked. And, many items that you use day-to-day might still be in those boxes. Make things easier on yourself with a “first-day box” that contains all the essentials you’ll need in the first 24 hours or so after moving. Include items like bedding, a change of clothes and kitchen and bathroom supplies to help you get off to a more relaxed start in your new home.

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