• Access to Your Payment History

    When you go paperless, you'll always have access to your records. Up to 36 months of statements are automatically saved for you and available to print anytime.

  • Lower Risk of ID Theft

    Viewing digital statements is a safe alternative to mail because there's no paper trail, which significantly reduces the risk of ID theft through mail fraud.

  • Flexibility

    Maybe you don't want to receive statements for all your accounts. With mobile and online statements, you can conveniently pick which account statements you'd like to suppress.

It’s easy to sign up through our mobile app* or online banking. Here’s how:

Mobile App:

  1. Sign in and tap “More” in the bottom menu
  2. Select “Account & Tax Statements”
  3. Tap “Digital Statement Delivery” and save options

Don’t have our mobile app? Download it now from our mobile page.

Online Banking:

  1. Sign in to online banking
  2. Select the “Statements” menu next to your name at the top right
  3. Next to “Statements Overview,” choose “Edit Delivery Settings”
  4. Choose accounts for online-only statement delivery and save


Savings as high as 1.35% APY

Auto Loans as low as+ 2.99% APR

Certificates as high as 3.50% APY

Credit Cards as low as++ 8.24% APR

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