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Small Business Resources

How Your Employees’ Fiscal Fitness Can Impact Work

Learn how your employees’ financial woes can carry over to the workplace and what you can do to help.

Ask the Expert: Paid Social Advertising for Small Businesses

Experts Jim Salmon and Michael Toner discuss using paid social advertising to help you grow your business.

Thank Veterans for Not Only Their Service, But Also for Their Business

Learn more about the vital role our veterans and servicemembers play in starting, managing and growing small businesses.

EMV vs. NFC Payments–What Is the Difference?

Learn about the new standard of secure payment systems, and what it could mean for you.

Selling Online? Protect Your Business from Card Not Present Fraud

If your business sells online, it's great to be informed on powerful e-commerce trends.

How to Foster Diversity in the Workplace

A diverse workforce can help lead your business to success.

Scaling Your Business

Here's how to make a plan for scalable growth to bring your business to the next level.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Resources That Can Help

Learn about the tools that can take your business from dream to reality.

Ask the Expert: Small Business Social Media Best Practices

Experts Jim Salmon and Michael Toner discuss establishing your brand's voice and presence on social media.

Must-Have Free Apps for Small Businesses

Many mobile apps are designed to boost productivity; they're some of the most popular apps on the market.

How Best to Invest in Your Business

Choosing the right ways to invest in your business can help your company grow.

Ask the Expert: Jim Salmon and Michael Toner on Social Media for Business

Social media is key for small businesses. Experts Jim Salmon and Michael Toner answer your business social media questions.

Make Sure You’re Insured for Growth

Common business growth scenarios often necessitate reviewing and expanding your insurance coverage

Five Tips to Prepare for Small Business Tax Season

Prepare for small business tax season and take the stress out of paying taxes. Read our best tips to be organized and prepped for small business tax season.

Small Business Statistics and 2016 Outlook

What is the state of your current or potential small business in 2016? Find out what credit union members have to say about their financial outlook.

Ask the Expert: Jim Salmon on Updating Payment Systems

In this episode of "Ask the Expert," Jim explains why it may be in your best interest to upgrade your payments hardware.

Chip Card Liability Shift and Your Small Business

As of Oct. 1, 2015, liability for counterfeit card-present transactions shifted to the merchant if its payment terminals are not chip card compliant.

Five Low-Cost Online Tools to Promote Your Small Business

Millions of people search online every day for the things they want and need. Can they find your business?

Now Is the Time to Upgrade to Chip Technology

Protect your business from liability for fraud with EMV terminals. Deadline: Oct. 1, 2015.

Seven Small Business Loan Application Terms That You Need to Understand

If you've applied for a small business loan, you might have thought that the fine print on your contract sounded like another language.

Secrets to Securing a Business Loan

Knowing what business lenders look for can give you an edge in the application process.

Six Tips for Businesses in a Financial Pinch

If your business finances are getting squeezed, take steps to relieve the pressure.

Small Business Owners: What You Need to Know About Chip Cards

Our business expert, Jim Salmon, Vice President of Business Services, answers your questions on the EMV chip cards and the upcoming liability shift.

Three Potential Benefits of Small Business Loans From a Credit Union

Are you looking for a small business loan to grow your company? You might be able to find a great deal at a local credit union.

Is a Line of Credit Right for Your Business?

From time to time, your small business may face revenue swings. One option is to secure a business line of credit.

Building Blocks for Your Business Plan

A well-constructed business plan is your road map to building a successful company.

Go With the Business Cash Flow

Improving the way cash flows through your organization can help you maximize opportunities as well as avoid pitfalls that can throw a wrench into your growth plans.

Put Credit Cards to Work for Your Business

Explore the features that will meet the spending needs of your growing business.

Expert Insight: Passion–the Key to Never Working Again

Take a sip of your coffee (or tea), take a break from email, stop packing lunch for the kids and think for a second. Are you living your passion?

Executive Answers: How Small Business Owners Can Prepare for Apple Pay™

Apple Pay, the mobile payments service from Apple®, promises to change the face of retail forever.