Cell Phone Insurance Coverage

Enjoy Protection for Your Cell Phone

Accidents happen, and Navy Federal is here to ensure you’re covered. You can now receive cell phone insurance coverage when you pay
your monthly cell phone bill with your Navy Federal Credit Card.

What’s Covered

This supplemental plan offers:

  • protection for up to three phones owned by the cardholder
  • reimbursement for covered damages or theft (up to an annual maximum)
  • a low per-incident deductible

To take advantage of this benefit, simply pay your monthly cell phone bill using your Navy Federal Credit Card. There’s no additional
cost to you and no need to sign up.

How to File a Claim

To file a claim, contact the insurance provider directly.

Visa®: 1-866-894-8569
Mastercard®: 1-800-627-8372

For more information about the terms of the plan, view the program description guide for your card. Navy Federal doesn’t handle insurance claims.

Visa Program Description Guide

Mastercard Program Description Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up?

Just pay your monthly cell phone bill with your Navy Federal Visa® or Mastercard®. There’s no additional cost to you and no need to sign up.

2. Will I be covered if I pay my bill with my debit card?

This cell phone insurance plan is only available with Navy Federal Visa or Mastercard consumer credit cards, including:

  • Flagship Rewards
  • cashRewards
  • Platinum
  • nRewards®
  • nRewards Secured

This benefit is not available with Navy Federal More Rewards American Express® Cards, Platinum Home Equity Line cards, any type of debit or prepaid card, and business credit cards.

3. What does the plan cover?

The plan covers the first three phones listed on your monthly bill from accidental damages that render the phone unable to make or receive calls. Cosmetic damages such as cracked screens generally won’t be covered by the plan.

The plan doesn’t cover lost phones. If the phone is stolen, the cardholder must file a police report within 48 hours to maintain the coverage. See your card’s program description guide for coverage specifics and limitations.

4. Will I be covered in the following situations:

If I have a child in college who’s on my cell phone plan?

Yes, your child’s phone will be covered as long as you’re paying the entire monthly bill using a Navy Federal Credit Card and it’s one of the first three phones listed on your bill.

If I’m an authorized user on my parent’s Navy Federal Credit Card, but I have my own cell phone plan?

Yes. You’re covered as long as you pay your bill using your own Navy Federal Credit Card, even if your parent is on a different plan.

If I have a line on my sibling’s cell phone plan, but I pay my portion of the bill on my Navy Federal Credit Card?

No, this isn’t covered. The entire bill must be charged to one card.

If I’m paying my mom’s cell phone bill?

It’s best if the plan owner and the card owner are the same. In cases of non-standard payment arrangements, it’s ultimately up to your cell phone insurance provider to determine coverage eligibility. However, if you can prove to the provider that you paid the full amount of your mom’s cell phone bill on your Navy Federal Credit Card, it will likely be covered.

5. My cell phone is covered under another policy (e.g., cell phone provider, home coverage). Will this plan still help me out?

Yes. However, since this plan is supplemental to any other coverage you may have, you’ll need to turn to your primary provider first. If the amount of damage exceeds their coverage or if you have a deductible you have to meet, then this insurance may help you with any out-of-pocket amounts. Contact the insurer directly for more information.

6. Will I still be covered if I don’t carry any other cell phone insurance?

Yes, but before you drop any existing coverage, please review the benefit terms carefully to ensure it will meet all your coverage needs.

7. Will I be covered even if I don’t have the original receipt for the phone?

Yes. The cell phone itself doesn’t need to be purchased with a Navy Federal Credit Card to be eligible for coverage. You only need to pay your monthly bill with your Navy Federal Credit Card.

8. Do I have to keep paying my cell phone bill every month to be covered, or just the month it was damaged?

You have to pay your cell phone bill the month before the damage occurs to ensure coverage.

9. I forgot to pay my cell phone bill last month. Will I lose coverage?

If you fail to make a cell phone bill payment in a particular month, your coverage will be suspended. Coverage will resume on the first day of the month after you’ve made a cell phone bill payment with your eligible credit card.

10. Why do I have to give my full card number when I call Visa/Mastercard?

Your full card number is the only way Visa and Mastercard can confirm your identify as a covered cardholder.