Visa Signature® Flagship Rewards Credit Card

Earn 30k Bonus Points
With Flagship

Get a New Flagship Rewards Card and Earn 30,000
Bonus Points

Earn 30,000 points (a $300 value) toward travel after spending $3,000 in the first 90 days of opening a new Visa Signature® Flagship Rewards Card.1 Redeem your points at any time for travel-related rewards (airfare, hotel, car rental, etc.), or you can choose from gift cards or cash back. Pay a $0 intro annual fee for the first year; $49 applies thereafter.3

You'll also get these exclusive benefits:

  • Discounts and upgrades at leading hotels and resorts
  • Our Zero Liability policy for unauthorized transactions
  • Fraud monitoring and notification
  • 24/7 access to a stateside member rep
  • No foreign transaction fees3
  • 24/7 roadside assistance


Purchase & Balance Transfer Variable
APR Between

11.49% - 18.0%

Credit Card Terms & Conditions

Rates are based on creditworthiness and will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate.

Cash Advance APR is variable and up to 2% higher than purchase APR, but will not exceed 18%.

Repayment terms are 2% of outstanding balance or $20, whichever is greater.


Get 2X the points per purchase.

Visa Signature Perks


  • Rewards Expiration: Never while the account is open
  • Rewards Limit: None
  • Start Redeeming: 1,000 points


$0 intro annual fee for the first year; $49 applies thereafter

Balance Transfer


Foreign Transaction


ATM Cash Advance

None at NFCU Branch or ATM. $0.50 domestic or
$1.00 foreign at non-NFCU ATMs.


Earn more rewards by shopping with your Navy Federal credit card at Member Mall.


Redeem your Navy Federal credit card rewards.


Simplify how you shop both
in-store and online.


Shop with your Navy Federal credit card at participating merchants. Get discounts.
It's that easy.


See How Fast Points Add Up:4

Move the slider or type in your monthly spending,
then press ENTER.

  • money
  • Monthly spending

Below is a sample of redemption options based on the annual points total.
A complete rewards catalog is available to cardholders via digital banking.

  • Points earned in the first year: 24,000
  • Limited Time Offer Plus, 30,000 bonus points: 30,000
  • Total points earned in the first year: 54,000

1Offer valid for cardholders issued new Visa Signature Flagship Rewards Credit Card accounts. To be eligible for the 30,000 points offer, you must make $3,000 or more in net purchases within 90 days of account opening. Rewards are earned on eligible net purchases. "Net purchases" means the sum of your eligible purchase transactions minus returns and refunds. Eligible purchase transactions do not include, and rewards are not earned for, the following transactions: cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, or fees of any kind, including finance charges, late fees, returned check fees, ATM cash advance fees, and annual fees, if any. Cash equivalent transactions, such as the purchase, loading or re-loading of gift and prepaid cards (e.g., money orders, Visa Buxx Cards, GO Prepaid Cards and other cash equivalent gift cards), may not be eligible purchase transactions and may not earn rewards. Please allow up to eight weeks after the 90-day period for the 30,000 points to post to your rewards balance. Account must be open and not in default at the time the 30,000 points are posted to your rewards balance. Limit one special points offer per account under this promotion. Valid for offers accepted from 3/1/18 to 9/4/18.

2Program excludes Navy Federal Business and Home Equity Line Visa Platinum credit cards and Navy Federal Debit Cards.

3Currently, rates range from 11.49% APR to 18% APR, are based on creditworthiness, and will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. ATM cash advance fees: None if performed at a Navy Federal branch or ATM. Otherwise, $0.50 per domestic transaction or $1.00 per overseas transaction.

4This calculator is intended for educational purposes only. Results are based on input from users and are estimates only; actual points earned may vary depending on credit card use.

Navy Federal Rewards

Get rewarded by earning two points per dollar you spend. Just make a purchase, and your points will be automatically added to your account once the transaction has posted. You can redeem your points for travel, cash back, merchandise, gift cards or exciting experiences. When you see how quickly the rewards add up, you'll understand why so many of our members shop with a Navy Federal rewards card!

Learn more about Navy Federal Rewards.

Collision Damage Waiver

With your Navy Federal Visa®, you automatically have Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage when you rent a car for 15 days or less and pay for the rental with your covered rewards card. The CDW coverage is secondary to any other applicable insurance or coverage available to you.

Coverage includes physical damage and theft of the rental vehicle, reasonable towing charges, valid loss-of-use charges imposed by the auto rental company, as well as your deductible and any other eligible amounts not covered by other insurance. Only you, as the primary renter of the vehicle, and any additional drivers permitted by the auto rental agreement are covered.

Worldwide Automatic Travel Accident Insurance

You and your dependents are covered automatically for bodily injury and/or loss on a covered trip when you charge the entire common carrier fare to your covered rewards card. Coverage is for one year from the date of the accident.

Certain terms, restrictions and exclusions may apply. For more information, please refer to your Worldwide Automatic Travel Accident Insurance Benefits Guide. If you need a copy of the guide, please call 1-888-842-6328.

Travel and Emergency Assistance

It's help when you don't know where to turn. You can count on a wide range of emergency services available whenever and wherever you need them, 24/7. This includes medical referral, lost luggage locator service and prescription assistance.

We'll make every reasonable effort to respond when you have an emergency even if you need assistance beyond the services listed in your policy. Please understand that, due to occasional problems such as distance, location or time, Visa nor its service providers can be responsible for the availability, use, cost or results of any medical, legal, transportation or other service.

Certain terms, restrictions and exclusions may apply. For more information, please refer to your Benefits Guide. If you need a copy of the guide, please call 1-888-842-6328.

How the Extended Warranty Service Works

When you have Visa's Warranty Manager Service, you have an Extended Warranty Service insurance program that provides security beyond the manufacturer's guarantee. Credit card users can protect themselves and their purchases with just a simple toll-free call to 1-800-397-9010.

Whether the purchase is for you or for someone else, the item must be charged to your credit card for the entire amount. You do NOT have to register your purchase with the card company.

Under the Extended Warranty Service, the item must first be covered by the original manufacturer's warranty of twelve months or less. Then the card's extended warranty doubles the original manufacturer's warranty for up to one year. The maximum repair or replacement amount won't exceed the price charged for the item, up to $10,000.

You must file a claim within 30 to 60 days from date of failure. A claim form and other requested documentation must be filed within 90 days.

Certain terms, restrictions and exclusions may apply. For more information, please refer to your Benefits Guide. If you need a copy of the guide, please call 1-888-842-6328.

For terms and conditions, see the Visa Signature Flagship Rewards Program Description Guide.

Visa Signature Flagship Rewards Benefits Guide

Cell Phone Insurance Coverage
Product Reviews

Account Management

How can I manage my credit card account?

Sign in to Online Banking or visit our secure mobile website on any mobile device to view and manage your account.

Can I add an authorized user to my account?

Yes, you can add up to four authorized users. An authorized user is someone who can make purchases with your credit card but who isn’t an account owner. An authorized user is not financially responsible for the account, but is reported to the credit bureaus as being authorized to use your account.

What information do I need to add an authorized user to my account?

You’ll need to provide the authorized user’s Social Security Number, date of birth, their address and the name that should be printed on the card.

How do I add an authorized user to my account?

To get started, please send us a secure message through Online Banking or call us at 1-888-842-6328.

Credit Line Increases

How can I request a credit line increase?

Sign in to Online Banking to submit your line increase request. If you prefer, you may send us a secure message through Online Banking or call us at 1-888-842-6328.

What information do I need to request a credit line increase?

You’ll need:

  • employment information
  • income details
  • housing expenses

Will you pull my credit report?

Yes. When you submit a credit line increase application, you'll be asked to give Navy Federal permission to obtain a consumer credit report so we can evaluate your creditworthiness.

Why was my recent credit line increase request denied?

The most common reasons for denial are listed below. However, for specific reasons please refer to the letter we sent you informing you of the denial. If you have any questions regarding the notice you received, please send us a secure message through Online Banking or call us at 1-888-842-6328.

If your letter says…Explanation
Your Navy Federal account is too newWe like to see at least three months of on-time payments on an existing Navy Federal Credit Card account before approving an increase to its credit line.
There has recently been a change to the credit line on this accountWe generally grant credit line increases on an existing credit card account no more than once every six months.
Delinquent past or present credit obligations with othersYour credit report shows you’ve paid one or more creditors late.
Income insufficient for amount of credit requestedBased on information provided in your application, your current credit line is appropriate given your stated income.
Excessive credit obligationsYour credit report shows high utilization of revolving lines.
Excessive credit obligations in relation to incomeYour total monthly payment obligations exceed our debt-to-income standards.

Security & Privacy

How do I request a new or replacement card and PIN?

To get started on this, please send us a secure message through Online Banking or call us at 1-888-842-6328.

How can I report a lost or stolen credit card?

If your card is lost or stolen, or you suspect you’re a victim of fraud or identity theft, please call us immediately at 1-888-842-6328 or send us a secure message through Online Banking. We’ll put an immediate hold on your account.

What’s a chip card?

Chip-enabled cards have an embedded chip on the front, which securely transfers your account data to merchants through a chip-enabled card reader. Both the chip and the transaction are heavily encrypted. This makes it more difficult for your account to be compromised.

What are my Digital Wallet options?

We offer Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay for use in stores and Visa Checkout® and Masterpass for online purchases. Digital Wallets provide a secure alternative to entering your Navy Federal card information. At a register, simply wave your phone at the terminal to pay. Online, you’ll quickly sign in to avoid typing your card and contact information. Enrolling is easy.

Disputes & Fraud Claims

What's the difference between a billing dispute and a fraud claim?

A billing dispute is when you tell us that you believe there's an error regarding a transaction or calculation, or when you tell us you have a concern as to the property or goods purchased with your credit card. For example, you believe you’ve been overcharged or you haven’t received the product or service for which you paid.

A fraud claim is when you tell us you did not authorize a transaction appearing on your account. For example, you believe you were charged for something you didn't authorize.

How do I file a billing dispute?

Sign in to Online Banking to complete our dispute form or call 1-888-842-6328.

How do I report fraud on my account?

To prevent further fraudulent charges, please call us immediately at 1-888-842-6328 or send us a secure message through Online Banking so we can put a hold on your account and discuss further details regarding your case. You may also report fraud by signing in to Online Banking, selecting “Account Services” and then selecting “Report Fraud” in the “Online Account Management” section.

How long will it take to resolve my billing dispute or fraud claim?

The length of time varies. Resolution will occur within two complete billing cycles (but in no event later than 90 days) from the date you notify us to complete our investigation and report the results back to you.

Balance Transfers

How do I transfer a balance from another credit card to my Navy Federal Credit Card?

To get started, visit the "Transfers" tab along the top menu in Online Banking or call us at 1-888-842-6328.

What information do I need to submit a balance transfer?

You’ll need:

  • the name and address of the other financial institution (Navy Federal accounts are excluded)
  • your account number at that financial institution
  • the amount you’d like to transfer

When will the balance transfer post to my account?

For new accounts, it typically takes between 10 and 14 days after your account is opened for the balance transfer to post to your account. Continue to make your minimum payments in the interim.

For existing accounts, it typically takes between 3 and 5 days.

Rates and Payments

What’s the U.S. Prime Rate?

It’s a benchmark interest rate used by financial institutions to set rates on consumer loan products (such as credit cards). The U.S. Prime Rate is based upon, and generally changes with, the Federal Reserve’s Fed Funds Rate. You can find the current U.S. Prime Rate in the money rates column of The Wall Street Journal.

What’s APR?

APR (annual percentage rate) is the rate of interest you'll pay on your credit card annually.

What’s the APR for my credit card?

You can find the APR on your periodic credit card statements for that billing period or via Mobile or Online Banking.

How is the variable APR for my credit card determined?

Your Standard variable APR is determined and adjusted monthly on the first business day of the month by adding a Margin to the U.S. Prime Rate published in The Wall Street Journal on the first day of the previous month. Your Margin is a percentage amount that we determine based on an evaluation of your credit history. Your cash advance rate is 2% higher than your Standard APR, not to exceed the amount specified in your Account Agreement. Currently, APRs for federal credit union loans are capped at 18%.

For example: If the U.S. Prime Rate is 4% and your Margin is 5%, then your variable APR for purchases, balance transfers and convenience checks will be 9% APR (4% Prime Rate + 5% Margin = 9% APR). Your APR for cash advances will be 11% APR (4% U.S. Prime Rate + 5% Margin + 2% cash advance added rate = 11% APR).

When does interest apply?

Interest applies only to your credit card’s outstanding balance at the time your account cycles. Your payment due date is 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. If you pay your entire balance by the due date each month, you aren’t charged interest on your purchases. For cash advance, balance transfer, and convenience check transactions, interest is assessed from the date the transactions post to your account.


Will I be charged any additional fees for using my credit card overseas?

No. We don’t charge foreign transaction fees on any of our credit cards; however, we do charge fees for obtaining cash advances using non-Navy Federal ATMs in the U.S. and in foreign locations.

What should I do before traveling to safeguard my credit card account?

You can set up a Travel Notification through our mobile app* or send us a secure message through Online Banking. Be sure to let us know the dates you’ll be traveling, where you’re going and any layovers.

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