Purchase & Balance Transfer Variable
APR Between

10.24% - 18.0%

Credit Card Terms & Conditions

Rates are based on creditworthiness and will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

Cash Advance APR is variable and up to 2% higher than purchase APR, but will not exceed 18%.

Repayment terms are 2% of outstanding balance or $20, whichever is greater.


When you open a GO REWARDS account, you'll earn 3 points at restaurants, 2 points on gas and 1 point on everything else.1

Visa Signature Perks


  • Rewards Expiration: 4 years from
    date earned
  • Rewards Limit: None
  • Start Redeeming: 1,000 points



Balance Transfer


Foreign Transaction


Cash Advance

None at NFCU Branch or ATM. $0.50 domestic or
$1.00 foreign at non-NFCU ATMs.


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Redeem your Navy Federal credit card rewards.


Simplify how you shop both
in-store and online.


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See How Fast Your Rewards Can Add Up:3

To see your rewards, type in your monthly spending on Restaurants,
Gas and Everything Else. Then press ENTER.

  • 3x Restaurants
  • 2x Gas
  • 1x Everything Else

Or, move the slider to your total monthly spend.

Below is a sample of redemption options based on the annual points total.
A complete rewards catalog is available to cardholders via Online Banking.

  • Total points earned in the first year: 20,040
  • Limited Time Offer Plus, 10,000 bonus points:3 10,000
  • Total points earned in the first year: 32,000

By clicking "Apply Now," you are applying for a GO REWARDS credit card account. If your application is approved for an account with a credit line of less than $5,000, you will receive a Visa GO REWARDS Card. If your credit line is $5,000 or greater, you will receive a Visa Signature® GO REWARDS Card. The benefits of GO REWARDS accounts differ from those for Visa Signature GO REWARDS accounts.

1GO REWARDS credit cards earn 3 points for every $1 of net purchases made at restaurants, 2 points for every $1 of net purchases made for gas, and 1 point for every $1 of other net purchases. Earn rewards on eligible net purchases. "Net purchases" means the sum of your eligible purchase transactions minus returns and refunds. Eligible purchase transactions do not include, and rewards are not earned for, the following transactions: cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, or fees of any kind, including finance charges, late fees, returned check fees, and ATM transactions fees. In addition, Navy Federal cash equivalent transactions, such as the purchase, loading or re-loading of Navy Federal gift and prepaid cards (e.g., Navy Federal gift cards, Visa Buxx Cards, GO Prepaid Cards), are also not eligible purchase transactions and do not earn rewards. A GO REWARDS restaurant or gas purchase may only earn 1 point per dollar spent, depending on the merchant code used to process the transaction. Restaurants located within another establishment (e.g., hotel, casino, commissary, grocery store, event venue) may be ineligible and will receive 1 point per dollar spent. Superstores, supermarkets and warehouse clubs that sell gasoline are ineligible and not considered gas stations. You will earn 1 point per dollar spent. For more information, view the GO REWARDS Program Description Guide at navyfederal.org.

2Program excludes Navy Federal Business and Home Equity Line Visa Platinum credit cards and Navy Federal Debit Cards.

3This calculator is intended for educational purposes only. Results are based on input from users and are estimates only; actual points earned may vary depending on credit card use.