Gift Cards

The Perfect Gift for
Any Occasion

Navy Federal Visa® Gift Cards are perfect for all occasions—birthdays, weddings, showers, anniversaries, thank yous and more! You can get them at domestic branches and online. When you order online, you can choose a design, personalize your card with the recipient's name and write a custom message. Visa Gift Cards are welcome anywhere Navy Federal Debit Cards are accepted in the U.S. (U.S. territories excluded). Plus, they can be replaced if lost or stolen. Check all your options below.

No Purchase Fees
Safer Than Cash
Available in Amounts
Anywhere from $15 to $5001

Gift Card Gallery

Visa Gift Cards come in many different card design options and are available online.

gift card
gift card
blue gift card
happy birthday gift card
reindeer gift card
gift card
gift card
graduation gift card

Buying Options

Buying Online1

  • Cards personalized with a name, message and amount
  • $1 increments between $15 and $500
  • Members can pay with a Navy Federal Debit Card or Navy Federal Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard® only)

Buying at a Branch

  • $1 increments between $15 and $500
  • Members can pay with their checking/savings account, cash, Navy Federal Debit Card or Navy Federal Credit Card2
  • Available at all domestic branches. U.S. territories excluded.

1Cards ordered online between $15 and $200 can be mailed to the purchaser or card recipient. Cards ordered between $201 and $500 must be mailed to the purchaser. Cards are mailed with instructions and the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions apply to gift cards.

2Navy Federal Credit Cards no longer earn rewards for cash equivalent transactions, such as purchasing, loading or reloading Navy Federal Visa Buxx Cards, Navy Federal GO Prepaid Cards and Navy Federal Visa Gift Cards. Rewards program descriptions are available at