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Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Serves the Army

Navy Federal Credit Union understands the unique lifestyle needs of our military servicemen and women as they serve their country. That's why Navy Federal Credit Union provides a variety of loans for mortgages, cars and more to help manage your lifestyle outside of the Army. Loans are available through Navy Federal Credit Union for active duty soldiers as well as veterans and family members. Join now or try our eligibility wizard to get started today!

Loans for Active Duty Soldiers

Did you know that active duty soldiers are eligible for loans from Navy Federal Credit Union? Check out our mortgage and auto loan rates to see why so many members of the United States' largest and oldest military branch have chosen Navy Federal Credit Union.

Navy Federal Understands Life in the Army

Navy Federal Credit Union understands that, as a soldier, This We Will Defend is more than a motto. For soldiers, it's a way of life. For this reason, Navy Federal strives to provide the best service possible for our soldiers. We do our best to understand the unique implications that a life in the Army means for you and your family. Because of this understanding, we can give you the tools to manage your current lifestyle and to take the next steps into your future.

More than Just a Loan or a Down Payment

In order to reach these goals, you must often apply for a loan. Navy Federal Credit Union offers loans for all of your important purchases, like a car or a home. It is important to do business with a credit union that understands what it is like to be in the Army. Loans from Navy Federal Credit Union will be more than just a mortgage or an auto loan; they will be the best option for soldiers and their families.

Mortgage Loan Services for the Army

Loan options include special Veterans Administration mortgages, Navy Federal Military Choice Mortgage program, incentives for first-time home buyers and more. However, in addition to the many loan and financing options available, we at Navy Federal offer something even more important: the knowledge and understanding of what it's like to be a part of the Army. Loans help all of us purchase the things we need in order to make our lives better. Be sure that your loan comes from Navy Federal Credit Union, an organization that understands and appreciates the sacrifice that you as a soldier make every day.

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