The Titling Process

A Guide to Submitting Your Title
How to Submit Your Vehicle's
Title to Navy Federal

Submitting a Title to Navy Federal

Ask to see the copy of the title to avoid purchasing a vehicle that has been branded as salvaged, lemon, refurbished or rebuilt. Within three months of purchasing or refinancing your car, motorcycle, boat, aircraft or leisure vehicle, a Certificate of Title or other proof of ownership indicating Navy Federal Credit Union as the first lienholder must be submitted to Navy Federal.

If the lien-recorded title isn’t received within that time frame, your loan’s APR may be converted to Navy Federal’s rate for signature/personal loans.

If Navy Federal files for the lien-recorded title, Navy Federal will debit the DMV titling fees from your account.

Dealer Purchase

If you purchased your vehicle from a dealer, they may submit your title paperwork to your local DMV on your behalf with Navy Federal recorded as first lien holder.

If there is a delay in receiving it, contact your dealer to confirm they’ve submitted the necessary paperwork to the DMV. If they already have, contact your state DMV.

Private Seller or Self-Titling

If you purchased from a private seller or are titling the vehicle yourself, take the title and a copy of your promissory note to your local DMV and instruct them to send your title to Navy Federal.

Refinance from Another Financial Institution

If you refinanced from another financial institution, verify with them that the title was mailed to Navy Federal.

Overseas Purchase

Email a copy of the proof of ownership to or fax it to 703-255-7975 or 703-206-4400.

Navy Federal will hold the copy until the member returns stateside, registers the vehicle at the DMV and records Navy Federal as first lien holder on the title.

If it’s been more than two months since purchasing your vehicle and Navy Federal hasn’t received the title, call us at 888-842-6328 to notify us of the steps you’ve taken to secure the title and any issues you’ve encountered.

The dealer, DMV or other financial institution should submit all paperwork to:

Navy Federal Credit Union

PO Box 25109

Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5109

Title Release or Request

We normally send the title to your address on file within ten business days after the loan account is paid in full.

Note: If you have an electronic title in Florida or Ohio, you’ll need to request your paper title from your state DMV at least two days after the title is released.

Requesting Your Title

Other than paying your loan in full, you may request your title for the following reasons:

  • Temporary Release for Registration in Another State: The title is released to the member for 30 days to allow the member to take the title (proof of ownership) to the local DMV to register the vehicle.
  • Temporary Release to Add or Delete Name(s): The title is released to the member for 30 days to allow the member to take the title (proof of ownership) and any form required by that state to the local DMV to add or delete a name from the title.
  • Lien Release: This release is for a loan that is paid in full and Navy Federal is still listed as lien holder with the state. This document certifies that there is no outstanding secured obligation by Navy Federal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the acceptable proofs of ownership for my property?

A: The following documents are acceptable proofs of ownership:

Property Located
in the U.S.
Property Type Required Document
  New or Used Vehicle State-Issued Certificate of Title
  Boat or Trailer State-Issued Certificate of Title
  U.S. Coast Guard-Registered Vessel/Boat Copy of Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation
  Property Not Titled or Registered Due to State Regulation Copy of Bill of Sale
  Aircraft Copy of FAA Registration
Property Located Overseas New or Used Vehicle One of the following:
  • Copy of Manufacturer's Statement of Origin
  • Copy of Military or Foreign Registration
  • Copy of Bill of Sale

Q: What is the lien holder code for my state?

A: The following are the most common state lien holder codes:

State Code
AZ E00074332
AR 1927
CA W33
CO E5301167050001
FL 205930786
GA 001100781442
IA 530116705
State Code
ID 530116705
MA C02299
MD 6803
MS 90016287600
MT 530116705
NC 30958056
NE 10264578
State Code
NH 13
NJ 597338238180020
NV 530116705
NY 77927
OH E00189
OR 6049513
PA 53-011670501
SC 14499500
State Code
SD 530116705
TX 53011670500
WI 44174

Q: What is a Lien holder?

A: A lien holder is the financial institution that has an enforceable right on an asset/property as security for a debt.

Q: What is a VIN?

A: The vehicle identification number (VIN) is assigned to the vehicle by the manufacturer and identifies the year, make, model and other specifications of the vehicle.

Q: What is a Bill of Sale?

A: A Bill of Sale documents a transaction between a seller and a purchaser. In general, it will include the date of the transaction, a description of what is being sold (e.g., make, model, year, VIN, vehicle weight, odometer reading), the dollar amount of the transaction, the city/county and state of the transaction, the names and addresses of the seller and purchaser, and the signatures of both parties.

Q: I am purchasing my vehicle from a private third-party seller rather than a dealer. What steps do I need to take after I pay?

A: Check with your state DMV to confirm taxes, fees and documentation needed to register and record Navy Federal as first lien holder on your vehicle title. In general, DMVs will require the title signed over to you by the seller, a Bill of Sale documenting the transaction and a copy of your promissory note (i.e., loan contract).

Q: What if my vehicle is registered in Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York or Oklahoma?

A: If Navy Federal is listed on your title as first lien holder, please email us a copy of the title to or fax it to 703-255-7975 or 703-206-4400 within three months of purchase.