Servicing Your Mortgage or Equity Loan

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Thank You for Choosing Navy Federal Credit Union
for Your Mortgage Loan

As your trusted Mortgage Servicer, Navy Federal makes it easy for you to get the information you need regarding your mortgage account. We offer comprehensive digital banking tools to help you navigate and manage your loan data.

We Have an App for That

The Navy Federal app offers quick and useful tools for your convenience. You can set your Digital Statement Delivery preferences, and you can easily manage your mortgage account anytime, anywhere.

From the Navy Federal app, you can:

Make a Payment

  • Select your mortgage account from the Accounts page
  • Then select Make Payment on the Account Details page

View Statements

  • Select your mortgage account from the Accounts page
  • Then select More to view your:
    • Account Statements
    • Tax Statements

Mortgage and Equity Loan Servicing Center

Access the Mortgage and Equity Loan Servicing Center in your online banking account to view your mortgage and equity loan details.

To access the Mortgage and Equity Loan Servicing Center through your online account, sign in and click on your mortgage account from your Account Summary page. You can check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), set up account notifications, schedule automatic payments and
request documents.

Have a Question?

The FAQs section is a great way to find answers to most of your questions without having to make a phone call. Just click FAQ in the center of the page.

Account Notifications

Under My Profile, you can set up alerts for the following account activities: Payments Received, Payoffs Processed, Insurance Premiums Paid and Taxes Paid. Click on My Profile and select My Notifications. Then click the Select Notifications button to choose the notifications you'd like
to receive.

Automatic Payments

Set up automatic payment drafting from the account of your choice, for one less "to-do" list item to worry about. Click on the Payments tab and select Easy Pay to get started.

Important Documents

Do you need your Appraisal, Note or Deed of Trust? You can request copies of these documents in the Mortgage and Equity Loan Servicing Center.

Click Statements and Documents and then select Request Loan Documents to access this great convenience feature.

Manage Statement Delivery

Reduce the risk of identity theft through mail fraud by choosing paperless statements. You can view and print your statements safely and securely online for up to 36 months.

Follow the steps below to select paperless statements for your mortgage or other Navy Federal accounts:

  • Sign in to your online account
  • Click on the Statements tab, located at the top middle of the page
  • The Statements Overview will display
  • Click on Edit Delivery Settings
  • From here, you’ll be able to choose which accounts you’d like to select for this option
  • Click Save

Online Forms

Automatic Payments

You can also set up automatic payments for your mortgage account using our Mortgage or Fixed Equity Loan Easy Pay Authorization form.

Have a Refund Due?

Throughout the term of your loan, you may have refunds due to you. For example, when your annual escrow analysis is performed, if your account balance is higher than what’s required, a refund may be issued. Setting up Direct Deposit with the Authorization for Direct Deposit of Mortgage or Equity Refunds form is the best way to receive your mortgage account
refunds quickly.

Follow the steps below to access these authorization forms online:

  • Visit the Forms & Brochures page
  • Select the Mortgages & Equity tab
  • Select the appropriate form
  • An editable form will open up for you to fill out
  • Once completed, mail the form or fax it to Navy Federal

We encourage you to explore all the online convenience options available to you to meet your Mortgage and Equity account needs.

Questions? Call us at 1-888-842-6328.