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The holidays are fast approaching, and like you, we’re searching for the perfect gifts for everyone on our lists. When you’re buying for kids, it can be so tempting to get the year’s hottest toys or games. But with a little more thought, you can give a gift that will “keep on giving.”


Collect memories, not trinkets! It doesn’t matter whether you book family time at an escape room, take a day trip ending with The Nutcracker or buy season tickets to your local college basketball games—the idea is to make memories that will last a lifetime. An added bonus? These gifts make the holidays last a little longer because the kids will have something to look forward to long after everything is all unwrapped.

Subscriptions and Subscription Boxes

Tried and true, kids love getting mail, so what could be more fun than getting their very own magazine every month? From games and puzzles to stories and sports, there are magazines for all ages. Want to do something a little different? Consider a subscription box. From science kits and crafts to fashion and beauty items, many vendors will let you choose a short-term, monthly, quarterly or customized delivery schedule.


Maybe it’s the zoo or a please-touch museum, a rock climbing gym or skating rink—memberships send kids on mini-vacations throughout the year. Not only do they usually include unlimited visits, but they can also offer perks like behind-the-scenes tours, special member discounts, openings and events, and some even have affiliate memberships with other places (a great perk when you’re traveling).

Good Deeds

Have the kids been talking about saving the rainforest or wanting to feed the hungry? You can help them make the world a better place by giving to a charity in their names. Want an experience where the child can have a direct link to someone else? A number of reputable organizations can help kids learn to help one person at a time. Kiva, for example, allows kids to pick who will receive a microloan to start a business to feed their family. And, Heifer International helps kids give a community clean water, aid small farmers or help women out of poverty. (They can even choose an animal to donate.)

529 Educational Savings Accounts

Giving cash in a holiday envelope is easy, but you can invest in a child's future by putting money toward tuition and certain educational expenses in a tax-advantaged account, like a 529 Plan. This savings account can be used for eligible college expenses or even private K-12 tuition.

With a little creativity and forethought, a holiday gift can be a memorable one. And, it might even start a new tradition.

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