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It’s March, which means competition is in the air and college basketball teams are giving their all on the court. As we dwindle down to the final eight, there’s another competition brewing. Navy Federal is kicking off a bracket challenge of our own. We want to know which of life’s goals are most important to you!

Are you looking forward to saving for a home or buying a car? Or maybe getting things in order for the big wedding you’ve always wanted!

We want to hear what goal you’re saving for, so we’ve compiled this year’s biggest match-ups. Below are a few facts about each. Once you’ve found your “team” – or savings goal – help them reach the final round by chiming in on Twitter! Follow us and cast a vote in our polls so your goal can take home the W.

Without further ado, here are this year’s “Save My Bracket” contenders!

Life Division

New Home vs. Big Wedding

  • New home – A top contender. The average cost of a home in 2017 was well over $350,000. Now that’s something to save for!
  • Big wedding – This one hits close to home. Your special day is important, and turning your dream into a reality usually comes at a pretty penny!

Fun Division

Big Vacation vs. Renovations

  • Big Vacation – You can already hear ocean, can’t you? Or maybe you’re heading to higher elevation for the sight-seeing. Wherever you go, you’ll need to have a good stash to take you there!
  • Renovations – Nothing like a little sweat equity! With a few minor changes, you could have the new kitchen or back patio you’ve always wanted. It may even increase the value of your home if you plan to sell in the future.

Future Division

Retirement vs. Save for College

  • Retirement – It’s easy to see why saving for retirement is so important. After all, you deserve to live life to the fullest after all these years of hard work, right? Some suggest you’ll need around 80 percent of your pre-retirement income. A large portion of that should come from your nest egg.
  • Save for College – Maybe you want to go back to school in the future to get the degree you’ve always wanted. Or, you could be starting a college fund for your child. Think of education as an investment, and it’s nearly guaranteed to pay itself with what you or your child can learn from it. That said, the average yearly tuition is close to $10,000.

Practical Division

Get Out of Debt vs. New Car

  • New Car – A car is essential for most Americans. It gets you to work and the places you love. Not to mention, it looks super sleek! On average, a new car comes in right around $36,000.
  • Get Out of Debt – It’s easier said than done, but what a great feeling it would be to be debt-free! The good news is it’s possible, and you can learn more about getting out of debt.

The challenge is on and the question is – which goal are you saving for?

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