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A new Navy Federal Credit Union survey has found consumers—depending on their age—are taking different measures to protect themselves from fraud.

The survey, conducted by Dynata of 1,000 adults 18+ demographically balanced to the U.S. census, was fielded Sept. 11 to 16, 2019, and examined the attitudes and behaviors toward cybersecurity issues during October for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

The survey results had several notable findings:

  1. 2-step authentication is a key tool for thwarting fraud, yet only one-third of consumers (38%) are using it.
  2. 1 in 5 (19%) respondents believe it’s only a matter of time before their financial information is stolen. Younger respondents have this expectation at an even higher rate, while those who are older are much more skeptical: 1 in 4 respondents 18-34 years old (24.7%), 35-44 years old (26.7%) and 1 in 10 respondents 65+ (10.6%).
  3. 1 in 7 (14.7%) respondents are more scared of spiders than they are of fraud and 1 in 4 respondents 18-34 years old (26.8%) report the same.
  4. 4 in 5 (79.1%) of younger respondents who are 18-34 years old could be motivated to share more personal information, while only half of older respondents (46.5% for 55-64 years old; 50.4% for 65+) would be willing to do the same.

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