Cutting Down on Clutter? We Can Help.

Today's technology makes managing your money and cutting down on paperwork simpler than ever.

By Navy Federal March 25, 2015

From the computer on your lap to the phone in your pocket, technology has revolutionized the world around, and your finances have joined the trend. When technology like online banking and bill pay are shuffled into daily, weekly or monthly financial activity, you'll be surprised by the amount of paper that will vanish and the hassle that this alleviates.

Bill pay

Paying bills the traditional way can mean things get lost, the due date passes and credit gets damaged. Online bill pay can help. It's fast, simple and free! Whether it's rent, cable, utilities or more, schedule automatic recurring payments and never be in the dark about your bills. With bill pay, there's no misplaced envelope, pile of bills or mad scramble for stamps. The only things that vanish are the headaches that these items can cause. Pay all your bills in one place with online bill pay.

Online Statements

Like clockwork, every month your mailbox gets stuffed with financial statements. Are you diligent about filing that statement in the appropriate place? A misfiled statement could render your banking information unavailable when needed, or even worse, accessible to theft. It's been over 40 years since people landed on the moon; it's about time your bank statements landed on your computer screen. When you use Online Statements at Navy Federal, you'll have free online access to your banking records for up to 36 months, 24/7. It also provides you with the flexibility to pick and choose the accounts for which you prefer to receive statements. And, as always, it's convenient, safe and secure to use.

Direct deposit

Payday—a day most people look forward to. But that piece of paper isn't much use to you until you deposit it at your financial institution. Save yourself the trip! By setting up direct deposit, you'll save yourself time and energy—and get your hands on that money sooner. You should spend more time earning your paycheck and less time depositing it. Switch to direct deposit and view the deposit by accessing your account from your mobile device or computer. It will feel like you just received some paid time off.

Mobile banking

Maybe you're in line with your kids waiting for ice cream or out with a friend. Either way, you need to check your balance, and quick, but you're nowhere near your bank or your computer. With mobile banking, you can check account information (such as your balance or transaction history), make transfers, deposit checks and pay bills, anytime, anywhere. You're no longer stranded on a financial island. Now you have the power at the tip of your finger.

Online and mobile security

At Navy Federal, the protection of your account and personal information is critical. So we deter hackers and scammers with state-of-the-art fraud prevention systems. Get more information on how you can guard against a threat and tips on how you can guard against a threat.

This article is intended to provide general information and shouldn't be considered legal, tax or financial advice. It's always a good idea to consult a tax or financial advisor for specific information on how certain laws apply to your situation and about your individual financial situation.