Holiday Entertaining on a Dime

If you're on a budget and it's your year to host the holiday party, we have 4 tips for celebrations that won't break the bank.

By Navy Federal November 2, 2018

Welcome to the season of holiday parties, family gatherings and gift giving. For many of us, the season's gatherings bring not only fun and excitement, but also financial strain. If you plan to host a gathering (or attend one), consider these tips for celebrations that won't break the bank.

No Need to Blitzen the Budget

You can host a fun event and still keep to a budget. There are great alternatives to a big, expensive meal:

  • Make it a lunch or brunch
  • Have an appetizer buffet
  • Do a dessert night

Enchanting Elves

Guests often ask what they can bring. Why not just have a potluck?

  • Suggest a holiday theme like “family favorites,” “holidays around the world” or “finger foods.”
  • Worried you’ll end up with all green bean casseroles? Have guests tell you what category they’d like to bring and you can fill in the gaps.

Dashing DIY Decorations

No need to spend a fortune on your decorations. There are a ton of networking sites with make-your-own ideas.

  • Use ribbons for table runners
  • Fill glass containers with berries, citrus or even gingerbread cookies
  • Fill a tray or bowl with colorful ornaments and greenery

Holly Jolly Entertainment

Most folks are happy with good conversation and maybe some music and snacks, but if you’re looking for more ways to ramp up the fun:

  • Game night
  • Karaoke carols
  • Holiday movie marathon
  • Tree trimming or cookie decorating
  • White elephant or cookie exchange

With a little extra thought and planning, your holiday celebration will be fun and memorable.

Navy Federal can help with more ideas to streamline your holidays.

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