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Let’s say you brought a box of doughnuts to class or to the office to share with everyone, but you wanted to save a doughnut for yourself to eat later. You wouldn’t leave it in the box, right? You’d set it aside so it wouldn’t get eaten. You can do the same thing with money earmarked for a special occasion when you open a SaveFirst Account.

Putting a deadline on your goal can help you stick to a savings plan. A SaveFirst Account lets you save money with a goal in mind without having to worry you’ll accidentally spend it. The SaveFirst Account also allows you to make deposits to your account at any time. Commit to your goal by pledging weekly, monthly or yearly savings.

Navy Federal’s SaveFirst Account allows you to set a term to match your goal date, from three months to five years. The minimum to open a SaveFirst Account is just $5, so you don’t have to have a large amount of money to start working toward your goal. Additionally, SaveFirst Account dividends compound every day, making it a little easier to reach your goal. You can track your progress using the Navy Federal mobile app* or easily view your account online.

Remember–no matter what your dream, a SaveFirst Account can help you fund it. Start saving today by opening a SaveFirst Account with Navy Federal.

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