Safer Surfing: 3 Reasons to Update Your Browser and How to Do It

Stay safe while surfing the internet with these helpful tips.

By Navy Federal January 25, 2017

Many of us welcome the new year with resolutions to improve fitness, nutrition or finances. However, we often overlook an important aspect of our lives—our online activity.

In today's digital world, we do just about everything online. We pay bills, order food, watch shows and socialize with our families and friends. The more we do online, the smarter we must be to maintain a positive online experience. A great way to do this is by updating your browser. Here are a few reasons you should update your browser to the latest version.

Safety and Security

"Whether you're browsing social media, making a purchase or viewing your financial statements, you should be doing so from the most recent version of your favorite web browser," said Timothy Day, assistant vice president of digital channels at Navy Federal. "Web browser and other updates often include new features like improved security."

Day added this is particularly important if you're taking advantage of the benefits of online banking or shopping online.

Faster Browsing

There's nothing more frustrating than a slow internet connection. While your hardware may be the source of your sluggish internet, you should know an older browser could be the culprit.

Your browser has the steep task of unpacking information from the sites you visit. So if speed is what you're looking for, make sure you have the most recent version.

New Tools and Features

Newer versions of browsers allow you to access modern features on your favorite sites—similar to when you update your phone's operating system and receive new features on your apps. "Staying current on your web browser updates means you have access to an improved experience and the latest technology offerings," said Day.

If you want to experience a website as it is intended to be viewed, you'll benefit by having an updated browser. By keeping your browser up to date, you'll enjoy new features including bookmarking tools, access to multiple pages at once and better site navigation and visuals.

Schedule a Check-up

If you're unsure if your browser is up to date, don't fret. Check out Navy Federal's browser policy page. The page will automatically identify your operating system and current browser, as well as provide compatible options.

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