Card Cracking

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Card Cracking Scammers Want Access to Your Account

Scammers are targeting people to try to lure them into giving up their debit cards and revealing information about their accounts. Once this information has been shared, the scammer has access to accounts and sensitive personal information. This is known as card cracking.

How It Works

People are contacted on social media or via text or videos with offers like "legit money fast" or "earn thousands quickly" in exchange for sign in information, account numbers, debit cards and PINs. Scammers promise victims money in exchange for allowing checks to run through their accounts. Once they have the information needed, the scammers deposit fraudulent checks and quickly withdraw money via ATM or money orders.

Victims never receive any money. Instead, they’re giving criminals the means to steal money from their accounts and possibly their identities. The number of people receiving these messages is increasing and even includes high school-aged kids. Keep in mind, no legitimate business operates this way.

You Can Protect Your Accounts and Identity

With a little extra caution, you can outsmart the scammers and keep your money and information safe. Be wary of social media advertisements, testimonial posts or messages from individuals who promise you money in exchange for your card or personal information. Never give your card or provide personal or account information to anyone. These requests are just tricks to get access to your money and steal your identity.

We Defend Your Accounts

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