General Information about the Navy Federal Visa Buxx Card

What is a Navy Federal Visa Buxx card?

Navy Federal Visa Buxx is a prepaid, reloadable Visa card, created especially for students. Navy Federal Visa Buxx makes it easy for parents to teach students how to create a budget, manage money, and shop wisely. The card can be used everywhere that accepts Visa debit cards–that's millions of locations worldwide. Parents enroll their student and can also monitor their student's spending; they set the spending limits by the prepaid amount loaded on the card.

What are the benefits of a Navy Federal Visa Buxx card?

The Navy Federal Visa Buxx prepaid card helps put an end to last-minute ATM trips and constant requests for money. With online and automatic loading, combined with parental controls like spending and ATM limits, the Navy Federal Visa Buxx card makes it easy for you to provide your student with spending money while teaching your student financial responsibility. It enables parents to monitor spending, and it's safer than cash, because Navy Federal protects you and your student if the card is ever lost or stolen. And it gives your student the freedom to use it for anything that accepts Visa debit cards. Navy Federal Visa Buxx is perfect for school books, supplies, music, food, and travel, and it's great for peace of mind in case of emergencies.

How do I make purchases at merchant locations with my Navy Federal Visa Buxx card?

Using the Navy Federal Visa Buxx card for a purchase is similar to using a debit card. At the time of purchase, select "CREDIT," sign the receipt, and go! Or select "DEBIT" if prompted and enter your Personal Identification Number ("PIN"). In order to select your PIN, click Sign In" on this website. Then click "Create PIN." If your parent has given you cash access, this is your ATM PIN as well. The Navy Federal Visa Buxx card may be used for purchases up to the balance remaining on the card; it is not tied to any credit card or line of credit.

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