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Protect Your Checking Accounts

Navy Federal offers checking protection options to make sure you're covered.

3 Types of Coverage

Whether it's a checkbook miscalculation, car repair, medical expense or unexpected travel, we understand that life happens. It's also why we offer checking protection options to make sure you're covered.

Overdraft Savings Transfer1

Covers overdrafts by moving money from a linked share savings account to your checking account.

  • Your coverage is free of charge
  • Your Membership Share Savings account is linked when you open your checking account
  • You must have enough funds in your linked Share Savings account to cover the full transaction amount
  • Does not cover debit card authorizations

If you’d like to change your linked Share Savings account, you can call us at 1-888-842-6328, visit a local branch or send us an eMessage when you sign in to digital banking.*

Checking Line of Credit (CLOC)2

Protects your checking account from overdrafts and denied transactions.

  • Coverage for large or unexpected expenses
  • Low interest rates ranging from 13.9% to 17.9% APR3
  • No per-item overdraft fees
  • Used to cover insufficient funds before an Overdraft Savings Transfer is used

Call 1-888-842-6328 to apply.

Optional Overdraft Protection Service (OOPS)4

Covers overdrafts from checks, ATM withdrawals, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions (including automatic bill payments) and debit card transactions.

  • $20 fee for each overdraft per account
  • No fee on transactions of $5 or less, or if your total overdrawn balance is less than $15
  • Maximum of 1 overdraft fee charged per day (additional charges will be covered up to the maximum amount)
  • Total overdrafts limited to $500, plus fees4
  • 30 days to bring the account to a positive balance
  • No credit approval required
  • Used if there are insufficient funds in savings for an Overdraft Savings Transfer

Sign in to digital banking to opt in:

  1. Select the Account Services tab
  2. Find the Checking & Savings section
  3. Select Optional Overdraft Protection Service

You can also call us at 1-888-842-6328 or mail/fax us the OOPS Opt In form PDF.

Checking Resources

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The Overdraft Savings Transfer transfers funds, at no charge to you, from a linked Share Savings account to your checking account when there are insufficient or unavailable funds in your checking account. Funds in your savings account will not automatically transfer to cover a debit card point-of-sale authorization. Your Share Savings account is linked to your checking account of choice unless you decline Overdraft Savings Transfer coverage. See the NFCU Important Disclosures for more information.


Checking Line of Credit is a credit product and subject to credit approval. Generally, credit limits are $500. Criteria such as length of membership, direct deposit, and active duty status may be considered in addition to creditworthiness for higher credit limits, up to $5,000 for active duty service members and $3,000 for members not in active duty military service.


Rates subject to change and are based on creditworthiness. Repayment terms of 2% of outstanding balance or $20, whichever is greater.


OOPS is available up to $500, but your account may become overdrawn up to $550 to accommodate fees or a transaction. For more information on OOPS, Terms and Conditions are available.