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Video Transcript for Small Business Stories: Toni Burrell




Text, Small Business Stories. Meet Navy Federal Small Business Owner Toni Burrell.


I basically grew up just knowing that I wanted to be a hairstylist since I was seven. My grandparents owned their own businesses, and after hearing stories about them being business owners, it just made me want to be a business owner as well. For me, I look at hair as art more than it being just, like, your basic hairstyling process. I had a client who went through chemotherapy and cancer, and after I was given the opportunity to create her a custom enhancement. She basically told her doctor about it and told the other women when she would go to her chemotherapy visits. They loved it because no one really offered that service to them before. The reaction definitely turned into customers. It turned into calls. It turned into emails, everything. I joined Navy Federal initially because of my brother. He's a Marine, and Navy Federal helped me get my business off the ground. My business rep, she helped me out a lot, and since then, they've done everything for me. Being able to help women gain something that they thought they lost forever is a blessing for me. When women come in here, they literally feel different when they leave. Like, they feel really uplifted and motivated. That's a great feeling for me, and it keeps me motivated, and it keeps me passionate about my work.


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We don’t just offer quality products and services to our small business members; we actively work to help them thrive and grow. See how we helped one small business owner turn her idea for a unique service into reality.

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