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Total Money Management in One Place

With My MakingCents, track spending, create a budget, monitor credit, view all accounts and investments (even those at other banks)—for free.

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What is My MakingCents? 

Video Transcript for What Makes Up Your Credit Score?





A man and woman with three children and a stroller at an amusement park.



NARRATOR: We get that your financial health and goals are unique to you. And we know getting the full picture of your financial status is pretty hard when you don't have the tools you need. The



A woman in a military uniform discusses notifications on her phone with a man in a Navy Federal Credit Union shirt. Notifications from various digital banking apps begin to appear on the screen.



solution, My MakingCents. For the first time ever, from our secure banking site, you can get a 360 degree view of your money, not only at Navy



My making cents webpage appears, showing a credit score tracker, spending tracker, budget tracker and recent account transactions.



Federal but other financial institutions when you add your accounts, all from our secure online banking site.





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get all the answers to your financial questions. Like, what's my net worth? Am I spending too much on entertainment and food? What's my credit score? And how can I increase it? Have I saved enough? What's next?


You can view all your accounts, including those outside of Navy Federal side by side, so you can make informed decisions when it comes to your financial future. You'll also get a view of all your spending patterns. And you can create a custom budget based on your average spending that works for you.


Wondering where your money is going? You'll get a live view of your spending in categories you set, like food, travel, home, and more. Tools like this usually come with a subscription fee, but because you're a member, it's free. You get to choose the features that help you map your next money moves.


Your financial success is our number one priority. And with My MakingCents, you'll feel inspired by your accomplishments, motivated to meet your goals, and ready to master your next mission. Let's get started.





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A Glimpse of All Your Money

Get your full financial picture when you add your external accounts. You can view transactions, loans, investments and more side by side—even those at other banks and credit unions!

Your Spending Habits in Focus

View your spending by categories—think food, travel, home expenses and more—so you can spot trends and make improvements.

Budgets Based on Your Finances

Stay on track by creating budgets for specific accounts based on your average spending and needs. 

My MakingCents Has More to Offer

  • Cashflow Analysis

    Track your cashflow, so you can understand your money better and use it to your advantage.

     about Cashflow Analysis
  • Net Worth View

    Know your total net worth to make better informed decisions on goal setting, investments and savings.

     about Net Worth View
  • Investments Overview

    Monitor your investments so you know when to make changes or when you're right on target!

     about Investments Overview
  • Credit Card Usage

    See exactly how much of your credit limit you're using with a breakdown of your spending and keep track of upcoming bills and payment dates.

     about Credit Card Usage