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Spend Money the Smart Way

GO Prepaid delivers convenient, flexible and secure ways to spend and send money that you and your family can bank on.

Get GO Prepaid

Who’s GO Prepaid For?

Helping you (and your crew) make smart financial decisions to match your goals and stay on track.

For Families

  • Manage and oversee your family’s finances
  • Develop responsible financial planning and budgeting skills
  • Set spending limits
  • Monitor account balances
  • Add up to 5 cards for family members and caregivers

For You

  • Track your spending
  • Set a budget
  • Monitor account balances
  • Load and reload money
  • Manage expenses such as bills, subscriptions, online shopping and gaming purchases

How It Works

Easily set a budget, load the card, spend and load again.

  1. Get your GO Prepaid card online.
  2. Activate and load money onto the GO Prepaid card online or through the mobile app*
  3. Shop online or in stores—anywhere Visa® Debit Cards are accepted

What You Get

Work, life, family, finances—there’s a lot to balance! With GO Prepaid, you can stay on budget whether at home or on the go. 

  • Convenience

    GO Prepaid makes it easy to pay bills, shop online or in person, transfer funds, control spending, separate expenses, and you can add to your mobile wallet for speedier transactions.

  • Flexibility

    With our mobile app, you can view account balances, load and reload funds, locate a branch, track purchases and control cash flow (for up to 5 cardholders).

  • Security

    Lost or stolen GO Prepaid card? You’re covered by our Zero Liability policy. And, with our GO Prepaid mobile app, its safe and easy to stay up to speed on your accounts.

Download the Navy Federal GO Prepaid Mobile App*

Stay up to speed on your accounts, anywhere and anytime, with our new, updated mobile app.

  • View past, current and available balances
  • Load funds anytime with your Navy Federal debit or credit card
  • Locate the nearest branch, ATM and Visa ReadyLink location

Your personal account information is always protected, keeping your mobile transactions safe. Available on:

Spending and Card Limits

Get to know GO Prepaid and your card’s limits.

  • Point-of-Sale Limit: $3,000 per day
  • ATM Withdrawal Limit: $600 (Account Owners can customize limits for cardholders)
  • Total Card Load Limit: $10,000
  • No monthly, activation or purchase fees1

Tips to Help You Spend Smarter

Stay in the know—it will help you reach your financial goals faster.


When cash is lost, it's gone forever. However, if the Navy Federal GO Prepaid Card or card number is ever lost or stolen, you're protected with Navy Federal’s Zero Liability policy. Your card will be replaced, the PIN will remain the same and the balance will be transferred to the new card. The replacement card will arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Account Owners can use their Navy Federal Debit Card or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard® only) to fund their GO Prepaid account; the name on the funding card must belong to the Account Owner. We don't accept any other forms of payment nor any debit or credit cards issued from other financial institutions. While there's no charge for ordering the GO Prepaid card, you must initially fund the card with at least $20. When you order a Navy Federal GO Prepaid Card, you'll be required to enter your funding card information.

Note: When funding the GO Prepaid card with a credit card, the funding transaction is processed as a regular purchase transaction, not a cash advance.

Yes, provided you’re the Account Owner. Only Account Owners can add additional cardholders—up to 5. Cardholders must be at least 13 years of age and have a valid Social Security number (SSN).



You won’t be charged a monthly fee for opening or using the GO Prepaid card. However, after 6 months of no transactions, your account will be charged an inactivity fee of $1.00 per month until the balance reaches $0 or you make a transaction. Please see the GO Prepaid card fee information and Terms and Conditions for more information.