Why Should I Consider Navy Federal for Trust and Estate Management Services?

Planning ahead for your loved ones’ future is more than just writing a will. It’s protecting and managing your assets, making sure your heirs won’t overpay taxes and ensuring your wishes are honored.

Members Trust Services

Our partner, Members Trust Company, will work with you to help manage your trust and estate plan.

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Not sure where to begin with estate planning? Here are some important questions to consider to help protect your legacy and your family's financial future.

What is a trust, and when would I need one?

A trust can give you more control, provide more flexibility, help you reach charitable goals and—depending on the type of trust—help save on estate taxes. Trusts can relieve heirs of the burden of managing assets. They can also spell out conditions heirs must meet before assets are transferred to them.

Is a will right for me?

While trusts can give you more control and flexibility, they don't replace wills. A will can help you name beneficiaries, distribute personal property and, if you have children under the age of 18, name their guardians.

Who can I contact with questions about managing a trust or distributing my assets?

Members Trust is our exclusive partner and has a team of experienced trust services professionals who can help you put in place the tools you need to plan for your family’s future.