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We’re Working to Make Your Digital Banking Experience Even Better

Our team is on a mission to provide members with a more personalized and seamless digital banking experience.

To accomplish that, we need your feedback along the way. As a member, you can get early access to our evolving online banking platform. Explore, try new features and—most importantly—let us know what’s working and what’s not.

Your convenience and banking needs are our priority. Thank you for helping us make things even better.

Recent Updates

Private Student Loans

After clicking a Private Student Loan on Account Summary, Members will now be redirected to the Navy Federal student loan center, powered by LendKey, to allow for sign-in to the portal for making payments.

Checking Line of Credit Payments (CLOC)

Members making payments to CLOCs will be able to view various messaging scenarios, including informing Member if amount entered as “Other” exceeds the current balance by 105%, and informing Member why if paying the “Current Balance” they may select “One Time Immediately” only.

Checking Line of Credit Payments (CLOC)

You can now make 1-time CLOC payments on the Move Money tab. 

Pending Credit Card Transactions

You’ll now be able to see pending transactions (those that haven’t yet been added to your balance) as well as posted transactions, Just scroll down to the middle of the screen and tap "Show Upcoming Transactions."

Move Money Landing Page

  • We’ve created a Move Money landing page that shows a list of upcoming transactions and a navigation button to take you directly to the transfer form. You’ll also see a Back button on the Start Transaction, Review and Confirmation screens.

Pending Transaction Error

If there’s an error displaying the total amount of pending transactions on your credit card, you’ll see Not Available in the Total Pending Amount field on the Account Details screen.

Checking Line of Credit (CLOC) Account Details

If you have a CLOC, the account details are now available.

Certificate Details

You can see more information regarding your certificate accounts on the Account Details screen. We’ll be adding even more soon.

Debit Card Activation

Have a new debit card? Activate it quickly and easily on the Card Management tab.

Pending Credit Card Transactions

On the Account Details screen, you can see a total pending amount for pending transactions. We’ll be adding the details on these pending transactions soon.

Posted Transactions

We’ve increased the number of transactions you can see at a glance on your accounts. You’ll now be able to view up to 30 transactions before having to click the “Show More” button.

Account Statements

You’ll be able to view and download statements for all your accounts. Simply choose which account you want to view and/or download from the dropdown menu. (Tax statements are not included.)

Redeeming Rewards Points on Your Credit Card

If your card earns rewards points on your purchases, you can redeem them quickly and easily by clicking the “Rewards” button located on your credit card’s Account Details page.

Transfers page

Credit Cards. If you make a payment on your credit card account prior to the due date, the system will automatically recalculate the statement balance and display an updated Remaining Statement Balance.

Account Details

Consumer Loans. More information related to your consumer loan is now available in the account details. It also includes data not previously available on our current online banking site.

Account Details

Members can now see details of their consumer loan accounts in Account Details. These include collateral and interest information, account balances and payoff amounts, as well as monthly payment amounts and dates.

New Updates

When there are new features or upgrades to online banking, you’ll see an alert bell when you sign in. Click the bell to visit the Operation: Innovate page to learn more about these updates.

Available Now

Account Access

Account Tab

  • Account summary. Displays the balances on all your Navy Federal accounts in one place.
  • Make a payment link. Now uses a simpler transfer funds format. Takes you directly to the payment page without having to navigate to a credit card or consumer loan Account Details page. Automatically pre-populates the account you want to pay.

Account Details Pages

  • View and download account details. Available for: 
    • money market accounts
    • savings accounts
    • checking accounts
    • credit cards (pending and posted transactions)
    • consumer loans (no downloadable transactions displayed)
    • mortgage and home equity line of credit1
    • checking line of credit (CLOC) (no transactions displayed)
    • certificates (no transactions displayed)
  • Enhanced search account details. Search transaction history for specific transactions—filter by date, type, amount, incoming/outgoing funds for checking, savings and credit cards. (Checking can also be filtered by check number.)
  • Make a payment link. Get quick access to transfer payments to credit card and consumer loan accounts.
  • More transaction details. Transactions on checking and credit card accounts are now labeled by spending type and merchant icons, so you can see quickly where you’re spending your money.
  • Upcoming activity. You can see transfers/payments that you’ve scheduled to send within the next 30 days.

Money Movement

The process for transferring money has changed slightly. You now first choose where you want to send/transfer the money, followed by choosing which account you’ll use to pay.

The new to/from format provides a more streamlined money movement process for all transaction types. All transactions (including Bill Pay and Zelle®* when available) will flow from a single, centralized hub. So, they all must begin the same way—with the question “Where do you want to send money?” This new format also allows the system to filter out invalid account types and billers.

Move Money Tab

  • Payments and transfers. View and cancel scheduled transfers. Make a payment or schedule new one-time or recurring transfers+ between available Navy Federal accounts. Available account types include:
    • checking
    • savings
    • money market savings accounts
    • credit cards2
    • consumer loans2
    • checking line of credit (CLOC) (transfers to CLOCs only)
  • Start a Transaction. Whether you need to make a payment, transfer money or make another transaction, our new simplified process let’s you do it all from 1 place. 
  • New Payment Option. If you make less than the minimum payment on your credit card account, you’ll be able to see how much of the minimum payment remains (Remaining Minimum Payment). Simply select the “Move Money” tab and choose the credit card account under “Move Money To.”  You’ll be able pay the remainder right from this screen.

In addition, you’ll now be able to see the remaining statement balance after you’ve made the partial payment. We’ve added the option to pay off this remaining statement balance.

*Zelle® and the Zelle®-related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

Account Management

New Cards Tab

  • Credit and debit card information. See all your credit and debit cards on one page. Allows you to freeze/unfreeze your cards and activate credit cards.
  • Credit Card Rewards. Want to know how much in cash rewards or how many points you’ve earned? You can see what you’ve earned and redeem loyalty points by clicking the credit card image under “My Cards.”


  • Member Details. Displays your personal profile information including name (title, rank and member since) address, email and phone number.
Statements Tab
  • Account Statements. From checking and savings to certificates and credit cards, you’ll be able to see all your statements in 1 place. 


Coming Soon

Account Access

  • Loan Transaction History. View your loan transactions.
  • Credit cards and personal loans amount due. The amount due, the due date and a make a payment link will be added to each of these account types.
  • Checking Line of Credit Account Details and Transactions. More details will be added to this page.
  • Private Student Loans. You’ll be able navigate to your student loan account through your Navy Federal online banking. Once you select “Student Loan” on the “Accounts” tab, you’ll be redirected to the Navy Federal Student Loan Center, where you can sign in to see your account. 
  • Certificates. More details will be added to this page.
  • Upcoming activity. You’ll be able to see scheduled transactions for one-time and recurring transfers (paycheck deposits, member-to-member transfers, Bill Pay and editing/canceling mortgage payments).

Money Movement

  • Member-to-Member Transfers. Want to transfer money to another Navy Federal member? You’ll be able to make member-to-member transfers to existing accounts. 
  • Addition of Zelle® Transfers. Need to pay the babysitter or split a tab? You’ll have the option to use Zelle® to quickly and easily transfer money to others when we add it to our "Move Money" tab.

Account Management

  • Addition of activation function. You’ll be able to activate a new debit card.
  • Addition of account statements. View statements for all your Navy Federal accounts from one place.
  • Addition of rewards display. View rewards balances and redeem cash rewards and loyalty points.
  • Redeem Credit Card Cash Rewards. If your credit card is one that offers cash back, you’ll be able to redeem them easily. 
  • Change Debit Card PIN. Want to change your debit card PIN? We’ll be adding that option to your “Accounts” tab.



Account Access

  • Additional account details pages. Full account details for certificates, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs).
  • Past Due/Overdrawn Transactions. We’ll be adding past due and overdrawn transactions on your account summary page.

Money Movement

  • Addition of Bill Pay. Schedule automatic online bill payments up to a year in advance. Receive and pay bills from select leading merchants.
  • Transfers to Certificates. Make transfers to Navy Federal certificate accounts.
  • Payments to Collection Accounts. If your account is in collections, you’ll be able to make a payment directly from the Move Money tab.

Account Management

  • Additional update options. You'll be able to edit phone/text enrollment; view/edit employment status, title and rank; update your Expiration of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) date and add a future address change. 
  • Debit card update. Order new/replacement debit card.
  • Manage Statements. Convert from paper to digital statements with 1-click.
  • Travel Plans. New security feature will allow you to notify us when you plan to travel without having to call. You’ll be able to view, add and delete notifications.
  • Manage Notifications. You’ll be able to set up or modify customized account and security notifications. Stay in the know when there are account changes or transactions. You’ll be able to choose how you receive these alerts (email, push or text) 



Takes you to HomeSquad dashboard.


Can only receive funds.