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VIENNA, VA (March 10, 2022) — Navy Federal Credit Union and Cybercrime Support Network, today announced a new partnership to help educate Navy Federal members on improving their online privacy and data security. 

Cybercrimes, scams, and fraud can have a devastating impact on personal and financial well-being. As a financial institution serving the military community, Navy Federal is committed to serving those who have served and protecting its members’ data security. 

“Our members and the military community will be better educated to protect their data and finances from malicious actors," said Chip Kohlweiler, Vice President of Security at Navy Federal. “This new partnership with the Cybercrime Support Network will equip our members with the resources they need to remain secure.”

Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is a nonprofit organization created to meet the challenges facing individuals and small businesses affected by cybercrime. Members will be able to experience added benefits of the collaboration, like educational seminars, online resources, engage in cyber discussions via Twitter chats, through the following resources and services: 

  • The first nationwide initiative developed to help cybercrime victims through a process of “Recognize, Report, and Recover” after an incident occurs. Through this platform, CSN guides victims through the next steps and how to access appropriate resources.
  • Developed through a collaboration with Google, this service gives consumers practical advice on how to detect and avoid scams. provides tools that empower individuals to defend themselves against scams and fraud to help stop cybercriminals. With the three golden rules, offers easy-to-follow help to prevent cybercrime.

“We are excited to embark on our partnership with Navy Federal to both provide their members with resources and skills to prevent fraud and expand our network of organizations dedicated to protecting individuals and small businesses' data, privacy, and finances,” said Robert Burda, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at CSN. “We look forward to collaborating with Navy Federal to further grow our repository of knowledge and experts.” 

Cybercriminals have been emboldened by increased online activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This earmarks an additional step Navy Federal has taken to combat cybercrime and even further expand the services and resources it provides its members to improve the security of their online activity, finances, and personal information.

About Navy Federal Credit Union: Established in 1933 with only seven members, Navy Federal now has the distinct honor of serving over 11 million members globally and is the world’s largest credit union. As a member-owned and not-for-profit organization, Navy Federal always puts the financial needs of its members first. Membership is open to all Department of Defense and Coast Guard Active Duty, veterans, civilian and contractor personnel, and their families. Dedicated to its mission of service, Navy Federal employs a workforce of over 20,000 and has a global network of 351 branches. For more information about Navy Federal Credit Union, visit Federally insured by NCUA. Equal Opportunity Employer.

About Cybercrime Support Network: Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is a public-private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit collaboration whose mission is to serve individuals and businesses impacted by cybercrime. With the strong support of our sponsors, Craig Newmark Philanthropies - AT&T - Cisco Systems - Comcast - Deloitte - Early Warning - FINRA - Google - Microsoft - Navy Federal Credit Union - Security Studio - Trend Micro - Tripwire - Zelle, CSN can continue to support individuals and small businesses through, a resource database for those impacted by cybercrime and online fraud, and, a website to help identify scams and stop fraudsters. For more information, please visit: