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How much will your monthly mortgage be?


Auto Loan Early Payoff: How much interest can you save?
Total Home-buying Budget: How much home can you afford?
Retirement Planner: Are you on track?


Getting pre-approved for a car loan is the first step to owning your new set of wheels. Then, test drive different finance options before you buy with our auto loan calculators. Once you've got the financing figured out, start shopping for the vehicle you want with participating dealers in your area.

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Loan Considerations

New vs. Used
Which is best for you?

Car Depreciation
How much will depreciation cost you?

Buying vs. Leasing
What's the best option?

Car Financing
Should you finance or pay cash?

Car Loan Comparison
Which vehicle loan is better?

Auto Loan Term
What term of vehicle loan should you choose?

Home Equity vs. Auto Loans
Is it a good financing option
for you?

Rebate vs. Special Dealer Financing
Which is a better deal?

Car Ownership Calculator
How much will you save?

Car Affordability
What can you afford?

Dealer vs. Credit Union Financing
How do they compare?

Loan Payment

Monthly Payments
What will yours be?

Early Payoff
How much interest can you save?

Biweekly Payments
How much will you save?


Offering personal and professional guidance tailored to your business, our suite of financial services can help you every step of the way. Whether it's managing inventory or navigating a commercial loan, calculate what it takes to keep your business in the black.

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Planning, Financing, & Business Valuation

Breaking Even
How much do you need to sell?

Profit Margins
What will it take to reach your target?

Inventory Analysis
How much stock should you have
on hand?

Cash Flow
What do you have available?

Buying vs. Leasing Equipment
Which option works better for you?

Business Valuation
What is your current cash flow?

Financial Ratios
What areas need attention?

Working Capital
How much do you need for the
year ahead?

Like Kind Exchange
What are your losses, gains, and bases?

Commercial Loans
What's the debt service coverage?

Debt Consolidation
Should you consider it?

Credit & Debt Management

Wisely managing your debt is essential to maintaining solid financial health. Let Navy Federal help you analyze your options for loan consolidation, credit card payoff, and more.

Debt Management

Accelerated Debt Payoff
What are your potential savings?

Consolidation Through Mortgage
Should you consider it?

Consolidation Through Home Equity
What would it mean for you?

Loan Investment Consolidation
How much can you save
while paying off debt?

Credit Cards

Debt Roll-Down
What's the best way to pay off all your cards?

Credit Card Payoff
How can you make it happen faster?

Minimum Payments
How long will it take to pay off
your card?

Budget & Savings

Curious how much more green you could have in your pockets with a little careful saving, budgeting, and investing? Investigate your options to get on the road to financial security.

If you're looking for more guidance on building your savings, Navy Federal Financial Group has professional advisors to assist you. From investment basics to long-term savings, they can help every step of the way.


Delaying Saving
What's the cost?

Spending Less
How much more can you save?

Interest Rates
What is their impact on your savings?

What will yours be worth at maturity?

Overall Savings Projection
How much will you have?

Savings Goals
What will it take to meet them?

Emergency Savings
How much should you have?

College Savings
How much do you need?

Budget & Investments

Checkbook Balancer

Budget Analysis
Where does your money go?

Stocks, Bonds, and Cash
What's the best mix for a balanced portfolio?

Investment Goals
How will you reach them?

Mortgage & Equity

What will it take to make owning your dream home a reality? Our various mortgage options offer the best possible rates and financing for our members, and are tailored to your specific needs—whether you're a first time homebuyer, a servicemember or in the market to refinance. Before you make a decision, calculate your total budget, compare loan options, analyze payment plans and then determine which option is best for you.

Ready to learn more? Visit MakingCents for clear, step-by-step information on the home-buying process.

Home Buying

Buying vs. Renting
Which is best for you?

Monthly Mortgage Payments
What will yours be?

Total Home-buying Budget
How much home can you afford?

Mortgage & Income Taxes
How much can you save?

Income Requirements
What do you need to make to qualify?

15- vs. 30-year Terms
Which term is best for you?

Down Payments
How much should yours be?

Point Payments
Is the lower rate worth paying points?

Mortgage Insurance Costs
How can you reduce them?

Closing Costs
What will yours be?

Paying Down & Refinancing

Biweekly Payments
How much can they save you?

Biweekly Payments (Existing Mortgage)
What advantage do they offer?

Increasing Payments
How much faster can you pay off?

Refinance Interest Savings
How much can you save if you refinance?

What will it cost you?

Refinance Break Even
How long will it take to reach?

Home Equity

Payoff Timeline
How long will it take to pay off?


No matter where you are in your career, it's never too soon to consider your retirement plans. From IRAs to 401(k)s, we'll help you figure out how much you'll need and how best to get there.

Visit our Retirement Center for retirement resources at every stage in life. If you're looking to increase your savings through investments or are thinking ahead about estate planning, visit Navy Federal Financial Group.


Retirement Planner
Are you saving enough?

Retirement Nest Egg
How much do you need for a secure retirement?

Retirement Shortfall
Will you have enough to last?

Retirement Effects on Expenses
Will you be impacted?

Retirement Spending
How will you use your retirement savings?

Retirement Interest
How much interest will you earn?

Retirement Contribution
Should you save more?

Sources of Retirement Income
Which savings or income source will be the largest?

Retirement Contribution Limits
How much can you contribute?

Miscalculating Retirement Expenses
Are you underestimating your expenses?

Monthly Income
How much can you expect to receive?

Retirement Expenses
What will your expenses be?

Retirement Tax Changes
What if tax laws change?

Retirement Inflation
Will inflation affect your retirement?

Retirement Savings Accounts
Which accounts should you use first?

Social Security Benefits
How much will Social Security provide?

Retirement Without Social Security
What if it no longer exists?


Traditional IRA
How much does it help to have one?

Roth vs. Traditional IRAs
Which is better?

Converting to a Roth IRA
Is it worth it?

Roth IRAs vs. Taxable Investments
How do they compare?

401(k) Accounts

401(k) Savings Estimation
How much can you save?

Roth vs. Traditional 401(k)s
Which is better for you?

Roth vs. Traditional 401(k) and
Your Paycheck

How does it affect your paycheck?

Individual Contributions
How much can you put towards
your 401(k)?

Rolling Over vs. Spending
What should you do with your 401(k)?

Company Stock Distribution
Should you roll yours into a
Taxable Investment Account?

401(k) With Profit Sharing
How much can you save?