Get the essential information you need to successfully manage credit cards.

  • Redeem Rewards

    Get the most out of your credit card. Redeem your rewards now.

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  • Member Deals

    Use your credit card to shop our online Member Deals. You’ll get higher rewards just for purchasing through Member Deals, free shipping from certain retailers, exclusive offers and other perks.

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  • FICO® Score

    Stay on top of your credit. Sign in to your Navy Federal account to easily view your FICO Score.

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  • Add an Authorized User

    As a credit cardholder, you can add your spouse, family member or anyone else as an authorized user on your account.

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  • Making Payments

    Pay off your card balance with confidence. Understand how to read your monthly credit card statements and make one-time or automatic payments.

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  • Digital Wallets

    Securely store your credit card details on your mobile device* to make purchases anywhere without having to carry your actual card. Learn more about digital wallet technology.

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  • Freeze/Unfreeze

    If you temporarily misplace your credit card, freeze the card while you locate it. Once you’ve found it, unfreeze it with the touch of a button.

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  • Ways to Pay

    Tap, insert or swipe—learn more about the fast, easy and secure ways you can make a purchase.

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  • What to Do If You Suspect Fraud

    As your partners in security, we work around the clock monitoring your accounts for fraudulent activity. Learn what it takes to protect yourself and what to do if your accounts are ever compromised.

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