The Navy Federal nRewards Secured credit card lets you earn rewards while building your credit.

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This card is best for...

  • Establishing Credit

  • New Credit Card Users

  • Rebuilding Credit

Rates, Fees & Rewards


Purchase & Balance Transfer Variable APR

18.00% 1

Terms & Conditions


  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No cash advance fees


  • 1X points per dollar spent2

Program Description

nRewards Secured Program Description

Our cards are designed with the military in mind.

nRewards was recognized by WalletHub as 'Best Military Credit Card for Credit Building' in 2018.

How It Works

Deposit at least $200 into your membership savings account (before submitting your application) to back your spending. Once approved, we’ll hold your deposit in your account as your card’s credit limit. As you use your card, you’ll earn rewards just like any other credit card, while also earning dividends on your deposit—just like any other savings account.

  • After just 3 months, you could be eligible for an upgrade. If you qualify, we’ll provide you with additional credit to allow for spending beyond your deposit.
  • Then, at 6 months, we’ll review your account monthly to see if you’re eligible to have your hold removed and be upgraded to a cashRewards unsecured card.

Features & Benefits

  • No rewards limit
  • Points redeemed for cash, statement credit, gift cards and merchandise
  • Cell phone protection
  • Rental car coverage
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Included With All Navy Federal Credit Cards

  • 24/7 access to stateside member reps
  • No balance transfer or foreign transaction fees3
  • Ability to freeze and unfreeze your cards
  • Zero Liability policy for unauthorized transactions
  • Fraud notifications*
  • Access to your FICO® Score4
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Cardholder Resources

  • Redeem Rewards

    Get the most out of your credit card. Redeem your rewards now.

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  • Member Deals

    Use your credit card to shop our online Member Deals. You’ll get higher rewards just for purchasing through Member Deals, free shipping from certain retailers, exclusive offers and other perks.

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  • FICO® Score

    Stay on top of your credit. Sign in to your Navy Federal account to easily view your FICO Score.

    Learn More about FICO® Score
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Credit Card Basics

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1 As of 5/1/20, rates range from 18.00% APR to 18.00% APR, are based on creditworthiness, and will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. ATM cash advance fees: None, if performed at a Navy Federal branch or ATM. Otherwise, $0.50 per domestic transaction or $1.00 per foreign transaction.

2 Visa Signature® Flagship Credit Cards earn 3 points for every $1 of net purchases made on travel and 2 points for every $1 of other net purchases. "Net purchases" means the sum of your eligible purchase transactions minus returns and refunds. Eligible purchase transactions do not include, and rewards are not earned for, the following transactions: cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, or fees of any kind, including finance charges, late fees, returned check fees, ATM cash advance fees, and annual fees. Cash equivalent transactions, such as the purchase, loading, or reloading of gift and prepaid cards (e.g., money orders, Visa® Buxx Cards, GO Prepaid Cards and other cash equivalent gift cards), may not be eligible purchase transactions and may not earn rewards. A Flagship travel purchase may only earn 2 points per dollar spent, depending on the merchant code used to process the transaction. Travel is typically categorized under merchant category codes such as airline, hotel, car rental, bus lines, taxis, cruise lines, time shares, parking and transit. Additional categories may be ineligible, in which case you will receive 2 points per dollar spent at these locations based on the merchant category codes. For more information, view the Flagship Rewards Program Description at

3 For all Navy Federal Credit Cards: As of 5/1/20, rates range from 5.99% APR to 18.00% APR, are based on product type and creditworthiness, and will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. ATM cash advance fees: None if performed at a Navy Federal branch or ATM. Otherwise, $0.50 per domestic transaction or $1.00 per foreign transaction.

4 FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.