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 Take Charge of Your Home Loan With HomeSquad

Use your personalized loan hub to make a payment, see your escrow balance, submit insurance info and more. 

Accessing HomeSquad

To get into HomeSquad, use our mobile app or sign in to online banking, then select your mortgage or equity loan from the account summary page. 

You can accomplish just about anything home-loan related once you're there. Below are some of our members' favorite HomeSquad features. 

Please Note: HomeSquad works best in a Chrome™ browser.

Manage Payments and Escrow Activity

After you sign in, select your home loan account and follow these easy steps.

Make Payments

Go to the Payment page and click Make a Payment. If you're enrolled in AutoPay, go to Your Autopay Details and select Make an Additional Payment.

View Escrow Activity

Go to the Tax and Insurance tile on the My Loan page to see upcoming and past tax and insurance payments. Click View Details to see insurance policy and tax parcel information.

See Payment History

Go to the Payment History tile on the Payment page, then click View Additional Activity. If you'd like to download your full payment history, click Download or use the calendar for a specific date range.

Reach Your Payoff Goals

With HomeSquad, you can use these calculators to strategize paying off your loan faster and saving on interest.

Pay a Lump Sum

Making an extra one-time payment may help you build equity faster and pay off your loan sooner. Enter a lump sum amount into the calculator to learn how much time and money you could save. Ready to make the payment? Click "Let's Do This."

Add to Your Payment

Adding just a little extra money to your principal payment every month can make a big difference. Use the slider on the calculator to experiment with different additional principal payments, or enter the amount you've budgeted for in the box.


In the My Loan section, click on the Hidden Loan Number link to display your full loan number.

Under the My Loan section, click on Submit Insurance Documents Online, then click "Let's Do This." You'll have the option to review policy information, update evidence of insurance or submit new policy documentation.