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Bottom Line Up Front

  • There are a plethora of free mobile apps that can help small business owners stay organized and conduct business on the go.
  • Apps like Evernote, WebEx and Dropbox allow you to collaborate and communicate with your team from your mobile device.
  • Turn to payment and banking apps like Navy Federal’s to manage your business’s finances—wherever you are.

Time to Read

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August 23, 2022

As a small business owner, you never really stop working, and it’s likely your phone keeps you connected when you’re not in the office. If you run a business that keeps you in the field, traveling or on location, your phone probably is your primary office.

Most smartphones and tablets come pre-loaded with the basics that could help you with your business, but there are also hundreds of other mobile apps designed to help it run even more efficiently. Here are some can’t-live-without free apps that can save you time, money or headaches as you run your business. 

  1. Square®1. This app has revolutionized on-the-go payment for small business owners. With Square payment and processing, even freelancers and sole proprietors can accept and process credit cards. Its simple interface and rock-solid functionality are the icing on the cake.
  2. Navy Federal Credit Union. Navy Federal’s free mobile app, featured in the Finance sections of both the App Store®1 and Google Play™2, gives you great banking options like bill pay, fund transfers between accounts and mobile check deposit—all with Touch ID®2 or Face ID®3 to safely access your account balance.
  3. Evernote®4. What started as a simple note-taking app is now billed as a “workspace” app. Evernote offers a single place to write, store, search, gather and communicate. Users love it for its friendly interface and seamless cross-device compatibility. 
  4. gives you a clear view of your day’s appointments and to-dos, all in one place. Available on both iOS®6 and Android2 devices, this app makes it easy and intuitive to schedule meetings and keep yourself organized.
  5. Cisco WebEx®7 Meetings. The world is your conference room, for better or worse. Cisco WebEx allows you to schedule, host, join and cancel meetings from your mobile device with video, voice and document-sharing capabilities.
  6. Dropbox®8. Dropbox is a place to share and send large files and project folders, allowing you to collaborate with your team and clients from anywhere.

Connect Your Desktop Apps

These apps just scratch the surface of what’s possible for small business owners on the go. It’s also worthwhile to check with your payroll processing, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and timekeeping software for apps that work with the desktop subscriptions or services you already pay for. Many of these programs provide seamless connectivity between your desktop and mobile devices.

Note: While all the apps listed are free to download, many of them offer upgrades, in-app purchases or web-based services that are fee based. For software and device compatibility, please see individual product websites.

Access More Small Business Tools

If you own a small business or are looking to start one, mobile apps are a great way to keep yourself organized and stay productive on the go. Navy Federal also offers a host of tools and resources to help business owners manage and grow their ventures in our Business section. 

Next Steps Next Steps

  1. Take a look at the desktop programs you rely on for your small business, including your payroll and CRM software, to see if these programs offer mobile apps that will help you stay connected.
  2. Research the apps listed above and other mobile apps for small business productivity. Make a list of the features you think you’ll want or need the most to determine which options to download and test out. If one doesn’t work for you, try another!
  3. Check out Navy Federal’s Business Solutions Education Center for more insights on improving your business’s financial success. 



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