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Bottom Line Up Front

  • From base slang to acronyms, there’s a common language in military family life.
  • Habit and routine are second nature to military families, and it becomes part of you!
  • Can you answer these 10 questions about what it’s like growing up in a military family?

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July 12, 2022

If you learned your ABCs as "Alpha, Beta, Charlie" and understand the phrase "if you’re on time, you’re late", you probably grew up in a military family. If so, you know military culture has influenced everything about you—from your earliest memories to the life lessons that stuck with you later. Answering these 10 questions correctly proves that you grew up in a military family.

Military Family Quiz

It's not a "grocery store"; it's the “________.”

To everyone else, it’s the grocery store. But to you, the place to shop for groceries will always be called the commissary.

What’s the first thing you do before shopping?

Looking up military discounts is so second nature that you've even asked Girl Scouts if they offer it on cookies!

What’s the hardest “about me” question to answer?

“Where did you grow up?” When people ask you where you're from, it takes a good 5 minutes to recount your many "homes."

Every few years, you get the restless urge to ________.

Move. If you moved every few years growing up, you saw the world. Now, you start to feel the itch to move after you've been in one place "too long."

Have acronyms become part of your regular vocabulary?

Instead of saying "we just had a permanent change of station from overseas," you say, "we just PCS'd from OCONUS." Acronyms are just easier!

Do you have tremendous respect for every service member?

Growing up in a military family, you know the sacrifices your family made. Today, if you see someone in uniform, you never fail to thank them for their service.

Do you secretly love MREs?

Meal, Ready-to-Eats (MREs) are quick and easy options for dinner. Pass the toasted corn kernels and heat pack!

What’s your best score bowling 10 frames?

No matter where you were stationed, there was always a cheap bowling alley on base. Today, it comes as no surprise that you've got mad bowling skills.

Are you confused when movies start without “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

Even after seeing countless movies off-base, you occasionally catch yourself waiting for the anthem to play.

Do you have friends all over the world?

Moving from station to station meant saying goodbye to friends. But now, you have friends everywhere—and a free place to crash when you're traveling!

Celebrate Military Families

As anyone who grew up in a military family can attest, these are just a few of the experiences you might have enjoyed growing up with. At Navy Federal Credit Union, we’re committed not just to serving those who serve, but to understanding their experiences—from childhood through the rest of their lives.


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