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Bottom Line Up Front

  • Experiences, memberships and even practical gifts can take the place of last year’s toys.
  • Holiday gifts can also be used to plan for the future or encourage generosity.

Time to Read

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The holidays are coming. And whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or another festive occasion, one of the best parts is...presents! Yes, it’s easy to log on to Amazon® for the year’s hottest board games or gadgets. But there are lots of non-toy gift ideas and stocking stuffers that offer a lot of fun and aren’t too hard on your piggy bank. Here’s a gift guide to get started:

Experience Gifts

Not every Christmas gift comes in a box. Even a 2-year-old can have fun at, say, a children’s museum, and kids of all ages love to play family members at mini-golf (and maybe win!). A fun way to engage more grown-up kids might be a cooking class, which can offer gift cards or gift certificates to open Christmas morning. Less costly experience gifts might be movie tickets, a trip to the ice cream parlor or a special “tea party” with dress-up clothes for an imaginative young host or hostess.

Subscriptions and Subscription Boxes

Kids love mail, so their very own magazine subscription can be a perfect gift. From Disney and stickers to video games and sports, there are magazines for all ages. Also consider a subscription box. From craft supplies for little ones to science kits for older kids, there’s a hands-on box for every interest and for the whole family that can come right to your door.

Practical Gifts

Kids may not love getting socks or a toothbrush as a Christmas gift, but practical gifts can still be fun. A sleeping bag can lead to an adventure; an alarm clock might also stream music; and real craftsman tools might help an older kid become a DIY expert.


A membership is a great gift that sends kids on adventures all year long, whether it’s to the zoo, a Lego park, a gymnastics studio or a skating rink. Not only do they usually include unlimited outings, but memberships can also offer perks like behind-the-scenes tours, discounts or even special event occasions such as sleepovers at a museum.

Good Deeds

Some of the best non-toy gifts help kids make the world a better place. Depending on a child’s interest, a simple donation to a charity in his or her name might do. But, for a more fun gift, let the child make a choice about what and how to give. Older kids might like to give to a group like Kiva, where they can help choose someone to receive a business microloan. And, even preschoolers can understand how a donation to Heifer International will give a village in another country clean water or a cow for milk. 

529 Educational Savings Accounts1

You can invest in a child's future by putting money toward tuition and certain educational expenses in a tax-advantaged account like a 529 Plan. This savings account can be used for eligible college expenses or even private K-12 tuition

With a little creativity, a holiday gift can be a memorable one. It might even start a new tradition.

Next Steps Next Steps

  1. Plan ahead. Experiences are available year-round, so whether it’s tracking concert calendars or activity registration dates, they may need to be purchased ahead of your usual holiday shopping.
  2. Keep a list. Gift ideas don’t always come when you need them. Keep a list on your phone or computer throughout the year so you can jot down ideas as soon as you have them.  
  3. Set a budget. Holidays are stressful; set a budget so you have clear guardrails, and you can enjoy gift giving without worrying about the impact to finances later. Unsure how much you can spend? Talk to a Navy Federal personal finance counselor to review your expenses and build a budget.


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