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How Do I Pay Off My Mortgage Early?

From adding a little extra to your principal payment every month to refinancing your loan to a shorter term, here are some ways you can pay off your mortgage early:

Budget Easy Pay

Split your monthly amount due into smaller, more frequent payments. There is no set-up fee.

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One-Time Payments

Make an additional payment to principal anytime by signing in to our mobile app* or online banking. Select your mortgage and click Make a Payment.

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Refinance your mortgage to a shorter term. For example, if you have a 30-year loan, refinance to a 15-year term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Budget Easy Pay (bi-weekly) payments differ from a regular payment?

With bi-weekly payments, you'll split your monthly payment into bi-weekly half-payments due on the weekday of your choosing. After we receive the second half-payment, we'll apply the full amount collected to your monthly mortgage balance due. With this plan, you'll have 26 half-payments during the year. Two of those payments will be applied toward your loan's principal, which will help you pay off your loan faster and save on interest. 


What is a recurring extra payment?

A recurring extra payment is when you pay extra toward the principal on your mortgage every month. Paying extra toward your principal can be a great way to shorten the length of your loan and help you save on interest. 


What is a principal-only payment?

A principal-only payment is an extra one-time payment applied directly to your mortgage loan principal amount. If you choose to make a principal-only payment, you could save on interest and pay off your mortgage early.


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