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You've Done Your Part

You've Done Your Part

Now it's our turn to serve you.

To Our Veteran Members

No matter where or how you served, we’re grateful for your service. Now we’d like to serve you by welcoming you to one of the top-rated credit unions serving the military1 and helping you achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re buying a new home, financing your child’s first car or opening a certificate, we’re your dedicated financial partner.

Video Transcript for Veterans Bond: Scuba


ONSCREEN TEXT: These two Navy Federal Credit Union members have never met. But they share more than just a credit union.

ONSCREEN TEXT: Ben Payano, Marine Veteran

BEN PAYANO: I knew that a career in the armed forces would be for me. It requires you to be present at all times. I take that very seriously. 

ONSCREEN TEXT: Karen Kohanowich, Navy Veterans

KAREN KOHANOWICH: I wanted to get to a good four-year college that was away from home, get out, start seeing the world. And Navy opportunities seem like the best way for the whole package. 



KAREN KOHANOWICH: Hey, you must be Ben. 

BEN PAYANO: Hey, nice to meet you. 

KAREN KOHANOWICH: Outstanding. Good to meet you too. 

BEN PAYANO: Good to meet you. Let's do this. Nice boat. 

KAREN KOHANOWICH: Yeah, you like this thing? It's my new baby. 

KAREN KOHANOWICH: When you meet someone else who's been in the service, there's an underlying bond of understanding. You know what it's like to pack up and move every 2 to 3 years. You know what it's like to say goodbye to your family, and be gone for six or seven months at a time. 

BEN PAYANO: My first dive at sea, I was experiencing this crazy amount of waves hitting the boat and everything. But nonetheless, I had a good time. 

KAREN KOHANOWICH: Once you have your buoyancy so that you're floating, you're not fighting to stay up, and not fighting stay down, you can really get to almost a meditative state. 

BEN PAYANO: Navy Federal help me navigate through a lot of things that life put in front of me. 

KAREN KOHANOWICH: From an early age, Navy Federal has really helped me be smart with my money, from being able to save for my 1st bicycle to being able to refinance the present home that I live in. 

BEN PAYANO: I just feel like there's something so powerful about being a part of that financial community. 

ONSCREEN TEXT: Navy Federal is proud to serve over 1 million veterans and their families. Navy Federal Credit Union. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Veterans. Federally insured by NCUA. Members were compensated for their participation. DoD imagery does not constitute organizational endorsement. Equal Housing Lender.


Audio Description

I think Navy Federal does a great job of giving (military members) precision guidance to help them plan out a valid and successful financial future.

US Navy Veteran and Navy Federal Member

Navy Federal helped me navigate through a lot of things that life put in front of me.

US Marine Corps Veteran and Navy Federal Member

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to bank with a fine organization and for looking out for veterans and their families!

US Army Veteran and Navy Federal Member

Member Benefits

In addition to special offers, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals and enjoy the best banking experience possible. Navy Federal Credit Union is a top choice for veterans because of our low rates, flexible checking accounts and competitive loan products.1

In Honor of You

  • Auto Loan Refinance

    Refinance your auto loan from another lender with us, and you can get a $200 bonus.2

  • Mortgage Rate Match

    Find a better rate for your home purchase or refinance, and we'll match it. If we can't, we'll give you $1,000 after closing.3

  • Operation Earn More

    Build your savings quickly and easily with a 3.00% APY Special EasyStartSM Certificate.4



Based on "5 Best Military Banks and Credit Unions", Nerdwallet. Posted Jan. 29, 2021.


Credit and collateral subject to approval. Existing Navy Federal loans are not eligible for this offer. Auto refinance loan must be at least $5,000. Loan must be open for at least 60 days with first scheduled payment made to be eligible for the $200, which will be credited to the primary applicant’s savings account between 61 and 65 days of the loan origination date. Offer may end at any time. Recipient is solely responsible for any personal tax liability arising out of this incentive.


Guarantee to receive rate match only applicable if all conditions are met. Available for purchase and refinance first mortgages. Certain product exclusions may apply. You must lock your rate with Navy Federal prior to submitting rate match request to qualify. A Loan Estimate and the rate lock disclosure from the competing lender must be received within 3 calendar days of locking with Navy Federal. The rate must be locked with the competing lender. The date of the Loan Estimate and the lock effective date with the competing lender must be within 3 calendar days of the rate lock with Navy Federal. Please note that no other documentation may be used to show competitors' terms. The terms of the competing loan must be identical to Navy Federal's loan; for example, a 30-year, fixed-rate product with mortgage insurance is not identical to a Navy Federal 30-year, fixed-rate product that does not have mortgage insurance. If the loan does not close within the commitment period, the rate match may be voided. NOTE: The initial Loan Estimate from a wholesale lender/broker is not an acceptable document for a rate match submission unless the Lender Information section on the Loan Estimate is completed. To receive $1,000, you must provide a signed, executed copy of the final Closing Disclosure and a copy of the final mortgage note within 30 calendar days of your loan closing with the original competing lender. Not valid if original loan terms or conditions change prior to closing. Once approved, $1,000 will be automatically deposited into your Navy Federal account within 30 calendar days of receiving the necessary documentation. Recipient is solely responsible for any personal tax liability arising out of this incentive.


Limit one Special EasyStart Certificate per member. Annual percentage yield (APY) accurate as of 02/24/2024. Navy Federal reserves the right to end or modify this offer at any time. Penalty for early withdrawal. The Special EasyStart Certificate has a $50 minimum balance and a $3,000 maximum balance. Additional deposits are allowed at any time, subject to the maximum balance. Certificate owner(s) age 18 and older must have Direct Deposit of Net Pay or payroll allotment and a Navy Federal checking account within 90 days of the certificate issue date. If these requirements have not been satisfied by the 90th day, your Special EasyStart Certificate dividend rate will be reduced to the prevailing dividend rate of the 12-month EasyStart Certificate for the remainder of the certificate’s term. 

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