Set It Up Once—Then Relax

Staying on top of your accounts and card activity is as simple as setting up the right notifications to inform you of the activities you choose. It’s a great way to enhance your account security and track and control your spending, and you can do it right from our mobile app.*

Stay Connected With Mobile Notifications

  • Personalized

    You can easily control the account and/or cards you want to receive notifications for, and how you receive them (text,* a quick onscreen push notification or email).

  • Convenient

    We get it—it’s helpful to know when your balance gets low, you spend over a certain limit or your paycheck gets deposited. With notifications, you won’t have to wait for a statement or contact the call center.

  • Secure

    Plus, you’ll know quickly if there are changes or transactions you didn’t make so you can act fast to protect your account and cards against fraud.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Sign in to the mobile app.*
  2. Select More on the bottom, then Notifications.
  3. Select the tab you want (Accounts, Cards or Security). For Account or Card notifications, you’ll need to select the specific card or account for which you’d like to set notifications.
  4. Choose how you want us to notify you (push, text,* email) and select Save. If you choose to be notified by text,* you’ll need to respond “yes” to the first one you receive to complete enrollment.
That’s all there is to it. And, if you change your mind, it’s just as easy to make a change.

mobile notification app


app view of accounts notifications settings
app view of card notifications for card features settings
app view of card notifications security features