Loans for the Expected and the Unexpected

When it comes to managing cash flow gaps, unexpected expenses, emergencies, working capital or new growth, a Business or Checking Line of Credit can help you better navigate the needs of a small business owner.

  • Unexpected Expenses

  • Working Capital

Business Line of Credit

Need help managing working capital, operating expenses, cash flow or payroll? Our Business Line of Credit (BLOC) offers an ideal solution.1 Different than a term loan, BLOCS are flexible, allowing you to use funds as needed rather than receiving a lump sum—meaning interest is only paid on credit used.


  • Revolving line of credit for operational purposes
  • Variable rate tied to Prime2
  • Term length can match borrower needs
  • May be required to be secured3
  • Fees apply4

Best For:

  • Bridging cash flow gaps
  • Business growth
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Other operational purposes5

Application Checklist:

  • Completed and signed business loan application
  • Business Tax Returns under existing ownership (most recent 2 years)
  • Business plan may be required
  • Personal Tax returns for all owners/guarantors (most recent 2 years)
  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, A/R A/P Aging Report, Debt Schedule)
  • Personal Financial Statement for all owners/guarantors pdf
  • Additional documentation may be required

Checking Line of Credit

Get peace of mind with a Checking Line of Credit (CLOC),6 which protects your checking account from overdrafts and per-item overdraft fees.


  • Limits of $500, $1,000 or $5,000
  • APR: 17.90%


  • $50 annual fee7

Best For:

  • Overdraft protection of business checking account
  • Offsetting short-term cash needs

Application Checklist:

Ready to Apply?

To be eligible for Business Solutions offerings, business owners must first be members of Navy Federal Credit Union.

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Please allow two to three business days to process a fully completed application.


1 Business Line of Credit is a credit product, and rates are based on creditworthiness.

2 Rates are based on creditworthiness and will vary with the market based on The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.

3 Eligible collateral may include: accounts receivable (up to 80% of qualified receivables and requires an all business assets lien); inventory (with advance rates determined by underwriting); and qualified real estate (with Navy Federal in first lien position).

4 Fees include: Annual fee of $325 for equity up to $100,000; 0.5% origination fee for limits greater than $100,000; lien search and recording fees may apply.

5 Not to be used for real estate ventures.

6 A business checking line of credit is a credit product, and limits are based on creditworthiness. Repayment terms are 2% of the outstanding balance or $20, whichever is greater. The total outstanding balance will be due when it is less than $20.

7 The initial $50 annual fee is assessed with the first statement.