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Welcome to Our Next Generation of Online Banking

We’re updating our technology to bring you enhancements and are excited to share them with you. You’ll enjoy both a new look and features designed to make online banking more streamlined.

  • Quickly See Who You're Paying
    Merchant icons help you quickly scan your transactions and see where your money’s going.
  • Easily Track Finances
    Spending categories for debit and credit card transactions make it easy to track your finances. Customize by changing the categories.
  • Move Money Faster
    Go to the Move Money tab to make transfers, payments and other transactions—all from one easy-to-find location.
  • Bank Online With Any Size Screen
    Whether you’re using a mobile* phone, tablet* or computer, online banking looks great on all screens.

See What's New

Video Transcript for Play Online Banking is Getting an Upgrade Video

A person rests their hands on the keyboard of a laptop.

ANNOUNCER: Online banking is getting an exciting upgrade.

A man and a woman carry groceries in a paper bag through the door of a home.

Now it's even easier and more seamless than ever, all while keeping your account safe and secure.

Features available on the website appear on the screen.

So what's new?

A person inserts a credit card into a card reader. A screen reads McDonald's, P.O.S. Debit - Visa Check Card 19 28 - McDonalds, F20 66 3 Arlington, Virginia for $25.00 categorized as Food and Dining.

See who you're paying at a glance with merchant icons.

A person scrolls up the transaction history.

Quickly scan your transactions to see exactly where your money is going.

The Select a Category screen allows a person to help track expenses for budgeting purposes. Categories include auto and transport, bills and utilities, business services, education, entertainment, fees and charges, financial, food and dining, gifts and donations.

Set spending categories for debit and credit card transactions to make it easy to track your finances. And simply adjust the categories as your budget changes.

Text, Make transfers, payments, and other transactions all from one place. A Start Transaction button sits to the right of the text.

Move your money faster with the Move Money tab. You can make transfers, payments, and other transactions all from one easy-to-find location.

Confirmation. Your transaction of $20.00 was successful.

Access your account from any device. No matter how you choose to view your account, online banking looks great on all screens.

A person slides their finger up the screen of an iPad.

And you'll still get to enjoy the things you've come to know and love, like customizing your notifications to receive low balance alerts, deposit confirmations, and more.

A notification reads, The available balance in your checking account ending in 1 2 3 4 is below $2,500. Use digital banking to view details.

It's our mission to make managing your money as convenient as possible. We can't wait for you to enjoy these new features.


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View our digital banking tutorials and step-by-step guidance on the new features.


It’s our goal to find ways to make managing your money simpler and easier. And, many of our updates are thanks to feedback from members like you! The upgrade will add new features for a more streamlined online banking experience. 

Yes! Your account security is a top priority, and that won't change. 

You can access the new site from the banner that appears when you sign in to the current online banking site. We recommend waiting for our introduction email to get the best experience. Members will continue to be moved over throughout the fall, and we’ll let you know about a week before you’re automatically enrolled.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll continually release updates. However, some of the existing features you’re familiar with might change. See what’s different and how to perform tasks on the new site. If you need further assistance, you can send your question through chat, call the contact center at 1-888-842-6328, visit your nearest branch or send an eMessage.

No. Our mobile banking app will still be available and will remain the app you know and love. 

No action is needed on your part, but here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Your username and password will remain the same. If you don't remember your password, we suggest resetting it beforehand as you'll be asked to input your credentials upon first use.
  • Your data won't change. Zelle® access, as well as any scheduled move money transactions (including bills you have set up in bill pay) and statement history will all remain unchanged.
  • Right now, only online banking is being upgraded. Mobile app upgrades are coming after. 

Yes, all your current notifications and scheduled transactions (including bills) will transfer over. And, you’ll still have access to all the additional custom notifications you know and love.

To support your financial health and security, we automatically enrolled members in the following notifications:

  • Deposits
  • Overdrafts
  • Withdrawals exceeding $100
  • Consumer loan payments due

Explore our additional customizable settings and notifications to make your banking experience even more convenient.

We've enhanced online banking to show you your real-time balance, including month-to-date certificate and IRA dividend earnings. When you sign in to online banking, you'll see the higher total balance in your account. However, at this time, the balances shown in the mobile app will only reflect dividends accrued from the previous month. For a more accurate daily balance, we recommend signing in to online banking.

To view and download transactions, sign in to online banking and select the account you'd like to view. You’ll see 30 transactions listed. To view more, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Show More. You can also click the filter icon in the right corner to search by transaction type, amount range, and date range, to see whether it’s incoming or outgoing, and to check the number range. If you want to download your transaction(s), scroll back up and select the download arrow from the upper right corner. The download function will download any transactions that are visible on the screen.


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