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Championing Our Communities

Championing Our Communities

Caring for the people and places where we live and serve will always be our mission.

Our Mission Goes Beyond Banking

It’s about showing up for those who need it most. Guided by our core values of service, integrity and community, Navy Federal Serves aims to strengthen the financial health and well-being of military members and their families, and to improve outcomes in our local communities.  We’re deeply connected to the many unique challenges our members and other marginalized groups face. That’s why we’ve outlined specific mission causes to help tackle these challenges and prioritize our giving efforts.


Promote Financial Wellness

Through financial education and nonprofit partnerships, we want to empower our members and communities to build healthy money habits, reach their financial goals and ultimately, achieve financial stability.

Stand By Our Military Roots

Taking care of those who take care of this nation is always a priority. We stand at the ready to help them through each phase of military life—everyday challenges, times of conflict, transitioning to civilian life and beyond.

Empower Diverse Voices

From providing an inclusive environment for our employees to partnering with organizations that uplift and support marginalized groups, our goal is to not only ensure fair and equitable opportunities for all, but to help create a sense of belonging, too.

Empower Our Members and Communities

Whether it’s through volunteerism, philanthropic giving or supporting low-income, underserved schools, we’re here to help foster vibrant, successful communities and build a sustainable future.

Navy Federal Serves Community Impact Report

In 2022, we remained steadfast in our mission through intentional nonprofit partnerships, employee volunteerism and philanthropic giving. Plus, we helped our members earn and save nearly $2.3 billion. Here's what we accomplished together.

Please send all inquiries regarding nonprofit partnerships or philanthropic support to